The role of breakfast in childhood obesity


My parents strongly insisted on eating breakfast every morning. Normally it may be somewhat hot on cold days, but it is a type of cereal. We lived on a farm within a teens' age. We needed breakfast to make sure we needed it.

Do not Skip It : It burns calories even during sleep. Fuel is necessary to start the day, breakfast is it. Our children are thinking about growing.

Confirm grain : Not all grains are good for us. Some grains that we think should be done are not so. Please look at sugar and fat before you buy it. Also, in the "with milk" section, it is assumed that 100% milk is not used. You need to calculate it as well. If it exceeds the breakfast budget, you may want to make the kids a new favorite grain.

This is something you may be firm. My mother did not buy Super Sweet Cereals. The sweetest thing I believed was raisins blanc. We cried and complained a couple of things, but as a mother and a grandmother she was firm, I understood the reason.

Waffle does not count : Yes, it is easy to paste two waffles on the toaster, add butter and syrup and call it breakfast. It will quickly raise the blood sugar and drop it. This allows children to make some of the first few difficult classes. If waffle is part of breakfast, please make sure there is enough other thing to stabilize the sugar content.

Recommendation : I recommend to talk with a dietician first. Most doctors and pediatricians can name you one and some insurance companies cover it under preventive care. You can explain children's likes and dislikes and cultural problems and make healthy menus.

Once you have done this, please set the calorie budget. will help you. The budget is like a bank. It is the deposit that is done physically. What is consumed is withdrawal. If you are maintaining the current rate, if you want to lose weight, at the end of the day you want to account for more calories. For growing children, dieticians can give you the appropriate calorie budget.

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