The new identity of man leads to extreme weight loss


"Yes, when people see pictures of me when I was younger and look back at those images, I really can not believe it's who they're looking at, which is me"

From a young age, Justin had a passion for food. He remembers: "Food was like my best friend, I would console myself, it would bring me pleasure It took away the anxiety, it took away all my emotions for a moment, it numbs me, if you want." By the time I reached the 2nd grade, I had about 200 Pounds, passing through middle school, probably reaches 350, 400, 450. "

As his weight increased, his classmates' attacks increased. Justin remembers: "They said things like that, you're fat, you're ugly, you go, just a bunch of vulgar names, and then, you know, those things would make me want to go to the food, I liked it a lot, a lot of acceptance. It made me feel good. "

Then, remember: "My panic attacks started at age 14. The doctors gave me medication, the medication helped me in a temporary sense where, you know, it would make me feel a bit numb, and a little tired."

Justin became more sedentary and his weight increased. But nothing freed him from his depression and fear. Around this time, a friend of his mother, a woman named Marge, started talking to Justin about Jesus. He said, "She told me about how God can help me through anxiety attacks and things like that and that He would not let me or leave me, that He was with me always, to know that someone can love you so much and know that I can forgive myself for mistakes I made, things I do not agree with, things that would torment me day and night, like why I made this decision. Things like that, I was attracted to. "

But Justin was not willing to give up his addiction to food. He said: "The food made me feel accepted, the food made me feel good, the food, you know, made me feel that everything else did not matter, I felt that he loved me, even though it was not like that. .

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