The merit of laughter


Laughter is a universal part of human vocabulary. Everyone understands it … There is no language barrier. Everyone is born with the ability to laugh. The interesting thing about laughter is that it appears unconsciously.

Although it is known that laughter is caused by various sensations and thoughts, accurate brain mechanisms are not fully studied. While laughing, it is known that some changes occur in the margin of the brain. While laughing, many parts of our body are active – our face muscles, arm muscles, legs and torso. Laughter also changes our breathing pattern. Laughter has been proven to protect our mind. The study also shows that laughter will lower the sugar content in our blood.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. There are lots of cures that use laughter and humor to help the patient. The best known therapies are humor therapy, crown therapy, laughter therapy, laughter meditation, laughter yoga.

Many studies show that the purpose of laughter strengthens the connection with humans. Studies have shown that dominant individuals such as boss use humor more frequently than employees.

The first laughter usually appears in infants about 3.5 years or 4 years old

longer. Here are some:

  • The levels of stress hormones such as hormones – cortisol and adrenaline are decreasing while laughing.
  • Social Relaxation – Your body has an impulse to sometimes make you laugh and cry. If you are laughing, everyone would want to play with you. That is a fact.

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