The body of a woman is a place to make a true change


Recently, female organizations seem to have been hit hard by media coverage. In the latest article I heard, there is a blog advertising how cool anesthesia is. Promote Hollywood star's declining body as part of worship and worship for fans who want to emulate the body. In statements from participants, it is said that if they plan to die, they prefer to lose weight and die. Another amazing relationship between media influence and anorexic advertising is that in Fiji where women and girls naturally grew for thousands of years, there was no appetite until advertisement was introduced.

Well …

There are not many publishers supporting women how they want to live. Is it my imagination or since Oprah left the daily TV screen? Were there women's calls to find ways to enjoy women who love being women regardless of the size of the women? Opra's departure came to think that many of us now need to carry with himself the pride that she stepped into. While expressing her anger and pain with the same breath, she is a woman in her body and can not overcome violent diet and emotional ups and downs.

For me, the ups and downs of being a woman is a totally powerful, perfectly normal, praised as being part of my daily life.

The concept of "perfection" was skilfully destroyed in times as large as the success and vulnerability of Oprah's life.

Women do not have to be perfect to become powerful.

But women need to accept the power of incompleteness of their bodies.

The body of a woman is constantly changing throughout our lives.

Everyday – We are faced with hierarchies that must see new changes in the body, thoughts, emotions, there is pressure to maintain a constant grooming level and maintain appearance. Physically, our body will change according to our cycle, mood, discussion we had last night, worry for children, new sexual desire and a great conversation pleasure with friends. Women's body is somehow the most volatile on the planet! Just sniffing flowers can change women!

My question is, why does the body of a woman change so much?

Surely – biologically we have to adapt to crazy wild painful things like childbirth! Hormonal driven changes such as lactation, ovulation, bleeding, bleeding.

Fine – This is a biological reason why women's body fluctuates so much.

But it certainly is underestimated by the demands of nature and time, and the power of women changing with their various influences in their lives.

The body of a woman is the place we change the surrender. Change is part of you – Change is a routine part of your life – Change can happen in a moment – and you get the power coming from the body of a woman.

We are not controlling our bodies, our bodies are designed to change very design. Your body is designed to teach change, growth, different experience, different feelings, strength and vulnerability, thin fat, happy and sad, angry, peaceful power.

WOW – More women who need to breathe just to come out are needed. Embracing their belly, women are not perfect.

The media advertise women so that their bodies look like this or in that way forever. That is the essence of advertising beasts. I will send an advertisement to our weaknesses.

So how does a woman change their weakness into strength?

Modern women are concerned about wrinkles, spend a lot of time to get rid of belly fat, and forget the whole point of being a woman. "Aging" begins at the moment you are an embryo. Let's think about this. You are always old.

Women's organizations can accept that changes, imperfections, and realities are the same as those media, advertisements, or someone else tells you.

Face it – you were born in a body that experiences change. So … enjoy it! How do you react to changes in your body?

Ask yourself: Can you accept it even if you are not perfect?

In addition, please listen carefully to your body. Even if it is not perfect, can you please please your body? What can your body do to make it a friend? What does your body really want?

Ask yourself this and see what answers come up to you. Your body is waiting to hear it and treat it as your friend.

There are a lot of people trying to make your body an enemy. Do not allow them .

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