The best way to remove self tanner


Self-tanning may not work. Even if you suffer from streaks, dirt, dirt, or color intensity, you may be in regret. Fortunately, you are not bothered by sunburn mistakes. There are several ways to work out to eliminate the self timer. The best way is affordable, gentle, and most important.

Self-Tanner Removal Options

Several self-tanner removal methods proposed by all kinds of people are heard from your family to your dad's grandmother. Favorite YouTube celebrities.

Natural Organic Lemon · Juice

Lemon does not just marvel at removing self-tanning lotion. Also, the most effective of these recipes, they are also a nice and refreshing scent. Because it is very effective and cheap, this is one of the most common ways. It can be done from home at once with simple consumables.

The method is as follows:

lemon, cotton ball, small ball is required. Start squeezing the lemon juice in the bowl. Next, soak cotton ball in lemon juice and dub the skin with gentle pressure. If you do not have fresh lemon you can also use bottle lemon juice.

Baking soda

When you mistakenly pass it, baking soda may be a perfect remedy. It is suitable for a wide surface area such as hands, feet, armpit, abdomen, back.


Just by mixing the same size water and baking soda into a large plastic bowl, this method can be used for full body exfoliation if the whole body is too fat. Combine the two until you achieve consistency of common body scrub. Next, take a shower and wipe the body thoroughly with a peeling cloth such as a sponge.

Additional consideration method

In addition to baking soda and lemon there are some safe and effective remedies. In case of large errors, try using baby oil. Simply bubble and leave for 15 minutes and rinse with hot water. Whatever type of self tanning removal needs you can use white vinegar. For best results apply it in the same way as baby oil. Some people report that using a whitening toothpaste can soften self-tanner mistakes.

All of these methods are easy, safe and affordable. In addition to costing just a few dollars, it actually works regardless of the type of skin. If you have any questions about the use of sunburn products, consult a local suntan salon expert and make individual recommendations and advice.

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