The best way to please what you like


Today, we are trying to cover the best way to make women want you. Knowing the way women want you is the most important lesson to make you succumbed to be successful.

So here, now, I am going to give you the keys of the kingdom. Some words:


When you learn this, you will have a woman to eat from your hand like a domestic bunny. How many times have you seen a beautiful woman and an ugly man? As you are paying attention, you have seen so many couples.

What happened?

Now the man may be rich. Certainly, that happens. However, 9 times out of 10 there are other things!

He KNOWS how to make her laugh!

Right now it's not as easy as it sounds. There are rules to follow and principles to understand. Otherwise I can bother her and drive her into the arms of another man. Obviously, you do not want it. You want a woman wanting you and you want it.

[19459103] Oh, is there such a rule?

  1. It is not a clown. – The behavior like a clown is too obvious. Certainly, some women like it do not do so for the most part! It makes you look like you desperately need it and seeks her approval. You do not want her to smile at you – you want her to smile with you!

  2. Tease Her – Are you smarter than fifth grader? You will be doing better! I do not talk about pulling her hair and calling her name when I say playing with her. It's all about treating her in a way that shows you that you are comfortable around her and you can be yourself. By harassing, it helps to quickly resolve the unpleasant times we know each other. I am not the most effective way, but let's get started – tell her a nickname!

  3. Use Body Language – Please pay attention to all the best comedians. They all have different routines, but they have one thing – they are using body language! They consistently express their hands and gestures. Result: Laughter in the aisle. But … Remember Rule # 1. So do not go there. Please use your facial expressions and gestures to make your mood comfortable. By this time, you should already be doing her. Use your body language, break "touch barriers" and make her laugh.

  4. Please do not always be fun – Do not make humor a main course. Please consider it as a spice of meal taste. You also need to display other parts of your personality. Let's face it – fart and interesting things can only go so far. After a while it will become outdated, you will be in the area of ​​"annoying man". So you can talk about funny things and ask questions, you can get acquainted with each other (there are interesting things).

By combining all these things, we can see her as an interesting person. It is not a one-dimensional Go-Ho ball. Sometimes funny and sometimes serious, women want you. For any man, this is the best way to hit.

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