Team work is essential for superior customer service


As hotel manager, I need to train a new associate with my hotel standards method in customer service. I will help you develop customer service skills so that the hotel guests can offer the same great service as all other hotels of my brand at home and abroad offer. One of the main concepts that I am trying to spread to beginner customer service personnel is teamwork.

Good teamwork is an important part of customer service skills. For examples of how teamwork is important, let's go to the hotel. What is the main luxury expected from the hotel during the guest's stay? They are checked in, hoping that information will be given, expect their room to be clean, expect the food to be good, and do not expect to need to pay much. All of those expectations will make your hotel's impression in your mind, have to treat each of those expectations and take care, so guests have a good stay.

Involved if the team does not exist. What happens if the front desk manages everything in the hotel and needs to meet all the guest's expectations? Even without a team to work, this will be a difficult task. If the hotel has only one room, hotels and hotel chains growing every day, it may be easy to manage.

Communication between departments is the basis of good team work. Without good communication, team work and cooperation can not be done without anyone knowing who will do what and when. Like team sports, while one player is doing something, you need to tell the goal before or during the action to ensure that your team is working on their side Yes.

The whole theater may be lost. Just as in the front desk not to tell the staff of the room that measures of allergy are necessary, the work is not completed, there is dissatisfaction that going to the hospital by causing an allergic reaction from the guest room.

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