Taking Control of Penis Health – Type 2 Diabetes and Sensitivity Issues

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Diabetes, including penis problems, can cause extensive health problems in men. Jenny De Jesus, RN, a diabetes educator at Beth Israel Medical Center, explained as follows. " Uncontrolled diabetes can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves Therefore, these problems reduce the ability to experience sexual pleasure, sexual activity does not become bright, and in some cases Self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom can be a problem. Understanding how diabetes influences the health of the penis, taking measures to prevent problems, sexual satisfaction and happy life

Loss of susceptibility

Disorders of type 2 diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system and can lead to conditions known as diabetic neuropathy.This condition occurs when the body The neural network interferes with the ability to exchange signals with the brain with respect to physiological responses leading to the sensation of sexual pleasure, election, orgasm, sperm release.

In addition, Being overweight, accounting for the majority of the incidence of diabetes, may narrow the blood vessels of the penis and cause numbness and loss of penile sensitivity.

Continuing to control blood glucose levels, Maintaining the ability to protect susceptibility and enjoy sexual activity Supporting the health of the penile nerve by nutrients such as amino acid acetyl L carnitine reduces the decline in susceptibility to penis and regenerates damaged nerve tissue

Cardiovascular problems

As with nervous system, cardiovascular system may be adversely affected by diabetes.If cardiovascular health condition is impaired , It may be more difficult for the body to supply and maintain the penis by supplying sufficient blood flow to the penis This not only leads to sexual dysfunction,

Increased risk of infection

Diabetes adversely affects many other health and has the capacity to combat the infection of the body It is possible that men with diabetes tend to develop penis problems such as yeast infections, bacterial infections and fungal overgrowth etc. Supports immunity with nutrients such as vitamin C, and natural antibacterial agents Treating with infections (such as vitamin A) may be impossible to prevent all infections, but it helps to control infections that may cause pain and swelling. Painful intercourse and other unpleasant side effects.

Avoid penile issues related to diabetes

Diabetes experts recommend several interventions to prevent problems associated with poor control of diabetes.

1. Monitor the glucose level according to the instructions of the health care provider and confirm that the blood glucose level is controlled.

2. According to medical nutritional guidelines, please avoid foods with high fat, sugar content, cholesterol.

3. Frequent exercise. Since many of the problems caused by diabetes are related to obesity and overweight and include loss of sensitivity, cardiovascular problems, cardiovascular health, etc., it is always recommended to keep weight at a healthy level I will.

4. Please take medication as instructed. If there are penile problems in side effects of medications, please consult your healthcare professional about how to alleviate the harmful effects on possible alternatives and sexual functions.

5. Please supply important nutrients for sexual health. For example, vitamin C supports healthy circulation function, vitamin A acts to prevent infection. Amino acids such as acetyl L carnitine promote the health of nerve tissue, alpha lipoic acid stimulates the increase of blood flow. Specialized penile health regimen (most medical experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is necessary to promote optimal sexual function of men suffering from type 2 diabetes Ensure that these nutrients are supplied to places.

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