Take the Limits: The Disorder of Eating and the Tragedy of Perfection


I think that perfectionism is sickness, creeping on us, spreading in all areas of our lives, coloring our existence with its demands and judgments, I think that it is dirty. Professional life, of course, hobbies, friendships, intimate relationships, family life. We need to have the most beautiful house, the most organized schedule, the finest engraved body, and the perfect heart for the rest of my life. Most of us are tired of secrecy and are about to take a day off.

At least that's the way I felt for a lot of my life. I am always active, competitive, ambitious, … Well, I figured. My social life was part of the endless quest for cognition and secular success. I focused on these and could not make mistakes without feeling frustrated.

I was also angry – extremely angry. I was not mad. In most cases, I am angry. Because I felt the world did not give me what I was asked so desperately for me. I worked harder than anyone, I did all the right things, I believed I was talented. Why did not I approve in the way of others? Of course, I think that I was not alone in my distorted vision. Many other people were caught up in their own hardships and inevitably tried to listen to the voice and assertions.

It was not an easy journey.

That's why I can understand the difficulties of young women eating. Their journey is control, perfectionism and a flawless fight. As a social work student, I cooperated with a patient who was diagnosed with anorexia. Under a high-performing facade, they seemed to be trying to kill some of their own, often fragile, incomplete and embarrassed. Tied to a deadly struggle for life itself, they brought a facade to a highly manipulated and completed world.

As a student, I found them intimidating.

Now, of course, I understand that they were hit hard by life. The only way for them to survive is to keep them from fighting back and their body was the place where this fight was held. They were unauthorized and were angry that they can not forgive themselves now

Under their firmly controlled outer surface, they do not want their own alienated, vulnerable, recognizable Or integrate them. Perhaps it was this part of the hospital girls and college students, dancers and anorexic persons, girls who spilled designers and most of her diet, they were going to starve to death.

I wrote in my magazine at the time as follows. "Girls are asked to wear clothes like bags to eat pastries and lift, as if the girls competed and had sickness like a trophy rather than to support, Stolen things late at night and magical kilometers stacked with masses of water consumed just before the terrible scales.The hospital ward is a public failure and violence nightmare and after these violently split meetings girls They are struggling to keep their body, suffering from battle with the body and simple health (and joy.) Eat well. Because one girl is very thin, she is warm as long as the ward is warm It is rare that I go to bed without a blanket covering her. "(19659002) In an article of anorexia nervosa, Tantillo et al (2013) encompasses her own emotions in a mystery. ) Argues that the essence of disease is a disconnection that a patient personally experiences from real self and body and a discontinuity experienced personally by others. Charles T. Stewart, who is alienated from his own hunger and real self, in "Driving a new idea on eating disorders: human emotions and hunger" this alienation often Experience occurs when an infant or toddler who claims to be the result of overwhelming emotional experience associated with early childhood and early childhood eating … …

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