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Waitress Tool Kit – Top 15 Items Every Server Must Keep at Work and Why

I am still surprised when my colleague is working and not ready to do the work. When a new server joins our team, we are training for several days with a few of us with a number of gifts. During these "training days" she shows the rope, everything that you need to do. These new girls are training, but we are using pens and calculators. This is when they emphasize that they need to bring their own tools. I always shake my head when the same person […]

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At Last! – 10 Healthy Eating Tips That WORK!

How much time do you spend practicing healthy dietary tips? Is not it a joke? It is an inch game, you have to be glad of the big change. Sooner or later, you need to implement healthy dietary hints to make your body shape and health on the right orbit. Balance is necessary. But how do you do it? What? How do you become healthy? How are you going to change it? It is probably the most difficult task to understand the best healthy diet principles to […]

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Balancing Pregnancy, Life, and Work

Have you ever seen a bunch of shit that you have to enter the room, sit on the desk and have to accomplish? I wonder if two people who feel that you are never at home can accumulate a lot of their laundry and dishes when you are standing there. I mean seriously. I know that the amount of laundry piled up on my house with my husband and me is crazy and will get worse as Davey comes here. I have never become an excellent house […]

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