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Top 40 Health Quotes

"Health is what makes us feel this is the best time of the year." – Franklin P. Adams "There is hope for those who have health, everyone has hope" – Arabian Proverb "Getting riches will never endanger your health, health is rich wealth. – Richard Baker "There are a lot of people who spend a lot of time looking at their health and have no time to enjoy." – Josh Billings "Health has science as well as disease. – Elizabeth Blackwell "Never go to the discharged doctor" […]

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Waitress Tool Kit – Top 15 Items Every Server Must Keep at Work and Why

I am still surprised when my colleague is working and not ready to do the work. When a new server joins our team, we are training for several days with a few of us with a number of gifts. During these "training days" she shows the rope, everything that you need to do. These new girls are training, but we are using pens and calculators. This is when they emphasize that they need to bring their own tools. I always shake my head when the same person […]

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Top Five Eating Mistakes to Avoid to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a difficult business. It seems to be very easy to lose weight, but when it comes to actual performance, most people tend to give up even before actually starting. I have helped people lose weight for nearly five years. Skipping Breakfast This is the most common mistake most people are looking for weight loss. If you are serious about working on reducing your weight, this should be avoided based on the experience of many clients after five eating. Generally, people believe that having breakfast […]

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