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How to eat healthily without deteriorating the taste

Recently, there are lots of stories about eating and it is very important for your health. The problem is that you may have to sacrifice the taste when you have to eat it right. There is really a way you can eat healthy, but will not you lose all the great tastes you love? Of course, you do not have to eat rabbit food just to eat healthy. Actually it is the opposite. You can still eat your favorite food you need to learn moderation. There is […]

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Your semen for better semen taste – diet

Your semen reflects what you eat … All the secrets of the body such as sweat, saliva, urine, semen smells and flavors are affected by what you eat . What comes in and is reflected in the taste and fragrance. Afterwards, when eating garlic onion or spice curry, how have you noticed how the smell comes out of your skin later? Like your sweat, it also exists in semen. Changing the diet will affect the secretions of the body including semen. Most techniques and supplements claiming to […]

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How to Make Sperm Taste Sweet – Change Your Diet

For most men, good heads are best delivered when partners swallow slurry sperm. However, sometimes it is difficult to face a better head, sometimes it is difficult to swallow semen. It is quite difficult to persuade your lover or your wife to swallow your cum actually. Sometimes it is near impossible. Either way, if you do lucky thing, the next complaint will complain that "I do not like the way it was tasted." Or "That consistency will not make me feel comfortable" When this happens, you can […]

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