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Raw diet – eat yourself healthy

It is natural to eat raw food. Our bodies prosper in everything that is lively. Raw diet (or increasing the amount of raw food you eat) is bound to bring about the feelings of health promotion. The raw food diet is based on organic foods such as raw and uncooked vegetable foods, preferably various fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, dried fruits, fresh juice and purified water. Why is raw food? Basically, vegetarian meals are living promoting eating with food & # 39; food. Living foods […]

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Advantages of Eating Organic Raw Food

Eating organic eating is as old as human beings. Since eating cooking was thought long ago, humans ate foods provided in the state of nature. In Genesis 1: verse 29 says: "God said," I will give you all the trees with fruits with seeds and seeds on all ground. As the population of the world increased, providing food to the population living in the city increased as the world population increased.Due to the development of freezers and chemical preservatives, the shelf life of many foods has been […]

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The Amazing Benefits of Eating Raw Food

The Amazing Benefits of Eating Raw Food I love raw food, I have eaten raw food as a staple food over the past few years. Raw food is fresh and raw food not heated above 115 degrees. It consists of fresh leaf green, fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, germinated seeds, nuts, eggs, meat and dairy products. I personally do not eat raw meat or dairy products. Fresh foods contain trace nutrients such as phytochemicals, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins, essential fatty acids, macronutrients such as fibers. As […]

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