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What Foods Help You Grow Taller? Tips For Men

Do you have more food you can eat and eat? Although it is not a secret to eat a balanced, nutritionally healthy diet to help your overall health, it may actually help certain foods actually increase your height. If you feel that there are problems with your height, what you eat may directly affect your height. Food rich in calcium is beneficial to help growth. This means that if you want height to be a few inches, you need to add low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese to the […]

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Men with Eating Disorders – A Reality?

Eating disorders have been generally thought of as diseases of girls in their teens. Even now, many people feel that it is difficult to believe that eating disorders may affect elderly women and children as well. But what would you say if you say that someone even a man may have a disease? You heard it correctly! Men can suffer from eating disorders. Indeed, according to research, about 10% of the people affected by this disease belong to the male population. Higher figures will be reported if […]

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Men and Eating Disorders

Men and eating disorders are topics that have not received much attention. Eight million people suffer from eating disorders in the United States. One million people are men. Twenty years ago, similar numbers were seen in drug rehabilitation, but men were the majority, women were minority. Male eating disorders usually occur at age of teenager, but young people over 8 years of age in their 50s and 60s have been reported in boys. Both males and females may suffer medical and psychological throughout their lifetime, with 9% […]

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How Men Act When They Are Cheating

When I asked to describe a stereotype man who is cheating on you, I was always late, cold and distant, distracted by activities like hiding my cell phone and washing my clothes Hide the evidence of their extracurricular activities. Typically, this man is believed to have one leg outside his door and currently not invested in his wife or girlfriend. And some of the emotions and behaviors of these stereotypes are perfectly accurate. People who are cheating are usually slightly distracted and do not behave like their […]

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