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What I eat in a day! Healthy recipes! + Mini Haul! | Jeanine poppy

HI GUYS! Lately I've been learning a lot about food and I cook a lot more, so today I show you what you eat in a day! I hope this helps! Enjoy! Download LifeSum here – The clothes are from – RECIPES! – Baked Potato – INGREDIENTS: • 1 large baking potato • 1½ teaspoons of nutritional yeast (optional) • ½ cup of black, canned or soaked beans • ¼ cup of salsa of your choice • ¼ to ½ avocado, cubed, sliced ​​or crushed • Salt […]

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What I Eat in a Day + Healthy Eating Tips

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Full day of eating | Meal plan for professional soccer players

FOLLOW ME! Instagram: Become Elite on Instagram: @Become_Elite Website: www.become-elite.com Programs SEND ME AN EMAIL: Becomeelitesoccer@gmail.com Songs used in the video: We are essentially following Matt Sheldon's daily schedule. Showing you your exact soccer training sessions, your workouts, your weight lifting / weight training programs, your diet / nutrition and your mentality as you progress through your first professional low season. We want you to learn, be inspired by these videos, gather information from professional quality training sessions and apply this knowledge to your own life. We […]

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