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How Can My Husband Improve His Sperm Count?

Question: My husband and I are in their early thirties and are challenging babies for 18 months. Both of us are checked out and the only problem is that even though my husband has a large number of sperm, only 6% is classified as healthy. He does not take smoking or medicine, but sometimes I drink a snack. He sometimes drinks bread, biscuits, crisp and drinks big coffee and tea. He tends to be low back pain or irregular defecation. What would you advise? Answer: This is […]

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How To Increase Sperm Count – In 5 Natural Ways

Increased sperm count is important in every aspect of life. It is very informative when you and your wife are about to become pregnant. Read to find some of the best ways to increase the number of sperms and get the desired results quickly. Right to eat – this is where all begins. Your body fully reflects what you eat, the same applies to your sex life and number of sperm. Everyone there is in fast food for a quick life. To increase the number of sperm, […]

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