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Eating disorders consciousness – February 2011 – meaning of numbers

Usually, reading articles on anorexia and bulimia is quite depressive. I'm worried about how many people are affected, how many people have not reported, how many new cases are, and the weight of the girl (and boys as well). This article will be a little different. The above image covers most of the epidemic in the eating disorder area. Too many people are completely about ED in the dark. Over the past two decades, the information volume and awareness of ED has been improved to the point […]

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Importance of health consciousness

Recently, people are increasingly conscious of their health. Health supplements are an important part of the quest for a healthy and healthy lifestyle. supplements are pills, powders, syrups intended for medicinal and nutritional supplements. Taking with a healthy diet, supplements are truly most beneficial to health. Most supplements are made of natural ingredients. Examples of such ingredients are herbs, vitamins, minerals, natural extracts, and vegetables. These ingredients are very effective. Fortunately supplements have few side effects and are basically harmless. Health supplements have endless uses. Some are […]

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