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Nine factors that affect your health

Your health depends on your age, environment, your behavior, your lifestyle, physical labor, training and exercise, your senses, your eating habits, your social customs, social circumstances I will. 1. Age We expect that health will worsen. We get older. Experience tells us this as a fact and what you learned at school does not go against expectations. Is it possible to stop aging, at least slow down? Many experts are opening such options. Therefore, scrutinize their arguments to find what is likely, likely, or not likely. The […]

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How Does Our Food Intake Affect Our Health?

When mapping some of the healthy foods, we can start advising others about which food combinations will make us healthy at the end of the day. In order to live a long and vivid life, we need adequate ingredients from the appropriate items of the food pyramid to satisfy the individual needs combined with one hour of productive exercise. This expression may be different for 15-year old girls than for 80-year old men. Unfortunately, the caloric intake of everyone may be as different as the food best […]

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How the Man's Health Can Affect a Woman's Ability to Become Pregnant

For many women, they simply can not get pregnant. No matter what they try, it does not seem to happen. However, there is nothing wrong physically with women over and over again. Many women can naturally become pregnant, but the number of sperm in men is small or there may be health conditions that inhibit healthy and fertile sperm. Health condition affecting male healthy sperm One of the most common causes of low sperm count is stress. Stress not only affects male sexuality but also affects physically. […]

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