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How to Live Till 100 – 12 Things You Can Do Today to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Everyone wants to be 100 years old, but there are only a few people in that era. As a result, you want to lead a better lifestyle. It means to be healthy. Here are some tips to bring you here. 1. A healthy diet is very important. You cause great confusion in your body and you do not want to eat processed food or fast food regularly because you get sick or become dull. You should also eat small quantities often throughout the day. As we evolved […]

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12 Healthy Healing Foods From the Bible

Except for seeing the best instruction manual for thousands of years, does our society seem to be exploring all ways to overcome diseases and diseases? Why do you avoid basic simplicity with regard to our health? Of course, the best instruction I am mentioning is the Bible, there are hundreds of books there, and it must be teaching the importance. Yes of proper exercise and sleep, there are scraps of food to eat. But if you say to eat something contradictory to what the Bible says, you […]

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