Sweet soda health risks


Popularity of soda

Today, in America, sweet soda replaces health drinks like milk. There are lots of TV and radio advertisements about soda trying to raise your attention to buy your soda, but they do not tell you how bad you are. These soda filled with sugar cause not only weight gain but also type 2 diabetes. According to Harvard University soda consumes 2 to 3 cans of sugar a day, the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease is 26% higher and the risk associated with obesity is 26% higher [19659003] Soda's sugar

20 ounce bottle of 1 ounce sugar, it has 16 to 20 cups of sugar. However, millions of Americans are drinking more than 20 oz of soda a day. The more cans and bottles you drink, the more sugar you consume, which leads to weight gain. Some people believe that soda will fill you, but they are not. In fact, sugar increases hunger and leads to obesity.

Obesity is increasing

In the United States, two of three people drink sugar and caloric intake increased to over 1000 calories. Adults are obese, and one of three children is obese due to drinking a sweet drink, the number of which continues to increase with time. If you want to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, please stop drinking these high fructose soda. Instead choose a healthy drink like milk or sparkling water. You will reduce the risk of developing adults with diabetes.

Sugar turns into liver fat

Sugar is composed of two molecules, glucose and fructose. Glucose metabolizes all cells in the body, fructose metabolizes only in the liver. When we drink these sweet sodas, the liver is overloaded, resulting in a lot of fat accumulation in the liver and weight gain. Part of fat turns into high triglyceride (fat in the blood) leading to heart disease over time

Increase in abdominal fat

Sugar, especially fructose, causes body fat around the abdomen and other organs Storage and visceral fat. During the 10 week study, 32 people drank two kinds of drinks, glucose or fructose. On the other hand, people who drank high fructose soda had increased visceral fat, leading to metabolic diseases.

High fructose drinks are linked as follows. Heart disease

Studies in the sixties and the seventies have research findings related to specific diseases such as adult onset diabetes, high triglycerides (blood in the blood), high cholesterol causing heart attacks and strokes. [19659003] Risk of soda with high sugar content

In the study of 60 thousand men and women, those who drank regular soda increased the risk of developing pancreatic cancer by 87%. In postmenopausal women, the risk of endometrial cancer was high, and it turned out that colon cancer increased in both men and women.

Rot of teeth rot (19659002) After all, when you drink too much regular soda, soda has phosphate and carbonate, mouth becomes acidic. Sugar supplies digestible energy to bad bacteria in the mouth. However, mixing this with acid will cause tooth and gum disaster.

How to Maintain Health

Avoid these sweet sodas if you want to lose weight over time. It will pay out of time.

Healthy Eating Tips

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