Stop – You may give a child to die!


Latest research on fat and obesity

According to USNews report published April 16, 2010, obesity begins at a younger age and lasts longer in the United States. This report was published in the April issue of the International Journal of Obesity. According to the researchers of the report, the epidemic of obesity can shorten the lives of young people. Why have we so far away from the ancestral nature's healthy lifestyle?

Is there something in the water?

No one knows exactly, but complex elements may be mixed. Studies have suggested that sustained organic pollutants (POPs), which may affect hormones, exist. For these pollutants, the supply of water is increasing more and more. These POPs are plastic, make-up, clothing, even the air we breathe everywhere. The impact may not be obvious, but what disturbs the finely tuned endocrine system affects how we preserve fat and its amount. There is no doubt that these pollutants are increasing the supply of water. But are they responsible for the situation?

What do we eat

there is increasing evidence that most of the things consumed in America are not naturally healthy foods. If you put it in a bottle, a can, a box, etc., living enzymes and nutrients may deplete our lives and give essence. The advent of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was a benefit to the food industry. But for consumers, this artifact is concerned with shorting the mechanism that signals the brain to stop eating. Our highly refined carbohydrate-rich diet is not ambitious to merely a long-term health condition.

Programming metabolism

There is a point in normally developing children whose metabolic rate is mostly set. Depending on many factors, one of the diet, this basal metabolic rate may determine adult life quality. As diet is one of several factors under our control it is best to focus on providing optimal metabolic programming through food consumed at this stage.

Solving contamination!

Parents make all the difference. Your child does not understand endocrinology, hormones, leptin, ghrelin, insulin or enzymes. Heck, we mostly neither do adults. Nevertheless, it is our duty to give them the best quality food and give the best opportunities in the normal healthy life as much as possible. This can be done simply by exchanging empty carbohydrates naturally with healthy raw fruits and vegetables at least once a day.

Healthy Eating Tips

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