Spiritual Health – 10 Keys to Being Spiritually Healthy


Since our lives are inherited from our parents and society, we need a conscious effort to establish new beliefs and actions for food and its role in our lives. Mental health is the relationship with food.

I focused on health 10 years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and as a result studied both a medical model for its maintenance and a spiritual model for healing.

One of the less secret secrets in the spiritual health community is the knowledge that the body protects itself against the everyday processed food most people eat.

Sugar, dairy products, meat, sophisticated food in white, and cooking process will cause our body to produce acid and toxins. They affect our PH balance and the body stores fat around our important organs and protects them. So the truth is that people are not fat, they are acid excess. When the body ingests alkaline foods and beverages, ie raw fruits and vegetables, the body learns to forget the necessity to protect the organs, and fat falls literally.

I dropped two dress sizes by eating "raw" food with juice, smoothie, salad. As soon as I decided to lose weight my weight appeared to disappear overnight. The other wonderful side effect was that my blood glucose level was normalized and the load increased. One of the faults was sociable, and the eating out became a landmine field.

Most people have learned to eat for emotional reasons. There is a pleasure that we preserve the new belief that food is for nutrition and that there is the possibility that change may affect life, not to cultivate our feelings.

Key 1 – Here are 10 spiritually healthy keys to help you start or continue your spiritual health trip. Please be careful where the challenge lies in your physical self.

Key 2 – Please cultivate at least some of the food you eat. Learning to grow what you eat is a true spiritual way of concentrating your mind and body. Know where your food comes from, know how, where, and what you are eating.

Key 3 – Examine your beliefs with food, health, yourself. Mixture of all three may cause your physical self health problems or anxiety. How you feel and inevitably feel about food is as important as what you eat.

Key 4 – Mental health accepts your body like it is now and knows that you can literally think about yourself healthily by the power of your heart.

Key 5 – Drink more water! Your body is mainly water … you need water to function. Please give water gifts as you need water to think and think you. Other drinks tried to take their place, but you can not do the same job by turning water into coffee.

Key 6 – I decided to eat late whatever I eat at any speed. Please chew all the bite. Your stomach has no teeth. If the food is soft, even with soup and drinks a message telling the stomach that food is in the middle moves around the mouth.

Key 7 – Write down your specific health goals and take steps to reach them everyday.

Key 8 – Please take a closer look at what your desires tell you. It is the love that you want and does not make you feel yourself because of fear, is it nutrient you have not received? Drink juice for a few days and see what is going on.

Key 9 – Please love yourself regardless of what you eat. In the long run, you will not be deprived. Instead, treat yourself like a child you need to be sure that there is better things they can eat. It is soft and gentle, making change easier.

Key 10 – The habit of praying before eating is old. The signs that you thanked the universe and God are wonderful. In addition, you inform your body that the food you are eating feels pleasant, you think that a good idea about it is a bonus!

Mental health is your right and you should feel a great emotion every day!

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