Some of the most effective Ab workouts for women


That's a pity, but as women get older, it's common for extra weight to start to accumulate at the bottom of the body. It is common for weight to enter thighs, waist, belly. It is difficult to lose fat in these areas, abdominal fat is hard to lose. Women's workouts may be helpful, but often it is not enough. These training will be in absolute condition, but if there are too much fat in that area, bad elder abus will not be displayed. To solve this, combine the following AB workouts for women with a healthy diet plan that will help to reduce excessive weight.

There are many reasons why women want to lose weight and flaten their abs.

• Improve overall health status
• Postpartum recovery
• Future events

Whatever the reason for flattening the stomach, exercises for women I can do it. It helps to achieve the goal.

Exercise ball crunch

In this exercise, we support exercising bodies using exercise balls. Carefully lay under the back and lie on the ball. The feet are laid flat on the floor, the width of the shoulder is away. Cross your arms across the back of your head or on your chest. Next, lift your torso up and out of the ball, then return to the top of the ball and lower yourself, shrink the abs. Repeat this movement twelve times to complete 1 to 3 sets.

Boards on elbow and toes

This is one of the most effective AB practice for women when done properly. I will put your weight on your forearm and face your face to the floor. Please push your body from the floor with your arms and toes, please apply the whole body to your elbow. Your body should be kept straight, resembling a wooden board. Please make sure your back is not arched. It is necessary to hold the position for 20-60 seconds and then lower it to its original position. We will do three to five people in charge.

Vertical Leg Crunch

The back is flat, the ankles cross, the legs are straight and headed towards the ceiling. You can put your hands on the floor or behind your head. Then, before lowering the foot, abs will retract the original position and shrink shoulder to lift from the floor. Complete a set of 12 staff 1-3.

Reverse Crunch

This training starts lying on the floor, behind the head, sideways sitting on the floor. Bend the knees and bring it to your chest, make an angle of 90 degrees. Your feet can intersect as necessary. I will lift my lower back from the floor and contract abs. At the same time, turn your legs upwards towards the ceiling. Complete a set of 12 staff 1-3.

This is just a small part of the AB workout for women who can help you reach your goal with a flat, tone ABS. There are several online resources that you can use to learn forms suitable for each of these training. With a little effort and a reasonable meal plan you can reach your goals.

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