Some of the Disadvantages of Emotional Eating


Under the strong stress and feelings like boredom, sorrow, poor family relations, many people are inclined to emotional eating. These people are known as emotional food. Emotional eaters strongly believe that eating is the answer to all problems and that food is a great stress relief. It gives them the necessary energy. The point to be aware of is that the reliance on food is not very high.

Most emotional eating people eat food as a means of comforting and their dependence is often not detected very late.

Women are more emotional food than men. Women tend to be more inclined to salty, high calorie, sweet, fatty foods. These types of foods are not healthy and should be eaten in moderate parts. Emotional eaters, especially women, creeps up on these unhealthy foods.

Various research and research have shown that stress and emotional feeding are tightly linked, which may be related to brain chemistry. Battle or flight response in case of stress is also known to suppress appetite. Nonetheless, in some cases of ongoing stress, people tend to head to comfortable food for peace. Ironically, this type of food is not mitigating your stress, it is just enough to gain weight.

You can avoid eating bottles. The most important thing is to know the difference between real hunger and emotional starvation.

Emotional foods can be extremely dangerous for your health, so you should avoid any costs. Too much comfort food can increase the risk of obesity and other diseases. Of course there is social discomfort behind it. Proper momentum and proper and proper diet help to avoid overeating. Exercise is also a great way to keep you busy so as not to feel stressed. Regular lifestyles and exercise help keep ideal weight and stop overeating.

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