Some facts concerning cerebral palsy and its causes


Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition in which treatment is not known. The term "cerebral palsy" actually encompasses a group of neurological conditions. These conditions cause physical impairment of the infected person. Unlike other brain target deficits, it is not a genetic defect and family history / family tree is not an indication of this condition. This disease is essentially partial muscle paralysis caused by brain injury, which typically involves a loss of sensation in the body and an uncontrolled tremor. According to, this suffering is often associated with other health problems such as vision problems, hearing loss, speech disorders, learning disabilities. says that about 43% of patients have been diagnosed in the first few months of life. By the end of one year after child's birth, 70% of cases will be diagnosed. Diagnosis of more than 3 years may not be obtained in a milder case.

There are three different types:

spasticity – causing rigidity and movement difficulties

Atetoid – leading to spontaneous and chaotic movement

ataxia – consciousness and possible prevention of Identify the cause.

Intrauterine risk factors

According to the American Pregnancy Society, 70% of cases occur due to events occurring in the uterus that interfere with normal brain development. Maternal or fetal infections that cause inflammation in the fetal brain can lead to this disease. Damage to the brain as a result of mothers' injuries, such as car crashes and falls, can also increase the risk to the fetus.

occurs during pregnancy

Although many cases predict labor, it is possible that this disease may be caused by brain damage during childbirth, early childhood, childhood. Traumatic birth, car accident, accidental poisoning, and abuse can cause suffering to occur outside the womb.

General Impact

Because this is a lifetime condition, its influence will affect children and their families in the rest of their lives. CDC points out that the cost of sick children is ten times the medical expenses of children without disease or intellectual impairment. Medical expenses for children with suffering and mental retardation will be 26 times higher than when there is no child. Medical bills related to disease can reach 1 million dollars over the life of a person.

Possible methods of prevention and treatment

Women who are pregnant can work in cooperation with a doctor to reduce the risk of developing a cerebral palsy in the uterus or during labor . Considering that researchers and experts know the cause of this disease, attention during pregnancy and proper medical treatment should be able to prevent many cases of cerebral palsy, but many cases are anticipated I could not prevent it rationally. Medical intervention has been shown to significantly reduce the severity of symptoms and improve human QOL. Since cerebral palsy appears in various forms in an inflated person, there is no universal treatment plan.

Treatment of CP includes:

behavioral therapy

mechanical external or internal and device / ancillary

physical therapy

speech therapy


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