Snack ideas for children


Providing an alternative to children's healthy snacks is an important part of sound growth and development. Regular cookies and chips loved by children are not the most healthy choices. Fun and easy offering healthy snack ideas for children. Please involve your children in preparation for an unforgettable experience.

Food groups to enjoy for healthy snacks are as follows:

  • Fruits and vegetables are always the best choice and must be a normal part of the child's diet.
  • Whole grain flour with little lipid and sugar is also a wonderful choice.
  • Healthy nuts (offered in small pieces) are a wonderful alternative to chips.
  • Low-fat dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, pudding snacks are portable so that they can be easily snacked.

There is a key in the presentation that allows a child to eat these healthy alternatives. Children love bright colors and fun shapes. Cutting fruits and vegetables into lumps, wedges, cookie cutter shapes, such as stars and hearts, makes them creative. Three of my children were listed. Favorite Snack:

  1. Pretzel Stick and Cheese – Cut the cheese into cubes and pick it up using pretzels instead of toothpicks. Using different types of cheese, you can make snacks with various colors.
  2. parfaits – Make fresh fruits (cuts) with your child's favorite yoghurt. Granola top for extra crunch!
  3. mini pizza – whole grain of tomato top of the UK muffin and your favorite spaghetti sauce. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese and heat until the cheese melts. Please use vegetable supplement service by topping with green pepper, mushroom, or your child's favorite vegetables.

We promise to try new fruits and vegetables every week. You may be surprised at what your child likes. Diversity, a little creativity and imagination are linked, children can eat healthily and vividly throughout the year!

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