sleep! How tonight's lack of sleep can affect your child tonight


Are you and your child unable to sleep?

40% of North American adults sleep for about 5 hours at night. It is less than 2 hours less than necessary, healthy. They are markedly at increased risk of heart disease.
Stress, work pressure, running around and having no time to relax at home, there are all the scheduling that is going on. It all affected us and created the feeling that we can do with less sleep, what we can do.

And where are our children?
Well, more children are getting less sleep than is necessary.
They line up with their parents by saying that they do not close their eyes enough.
Children and teenagers need about 9 to 10 hours of sleep at night.

How long has your child been asleep?

The lack of sleep affects physical and mental development.
Children have grown and their bodies are not fully developed.
They need extra time for this body and brain as well as for rest.

Children who can not sleep well get tired when they wake up (Are you trying to get out of bed?).
They need to sleep as much as their breakfast as a foundation for a fun day at school.
The power of the brain is needed and comes from extra time.

And sleeping at the weekend does not replace good enough sleep in the week.

Why have they not spent 9 to 10 hours?

There are many reasons, everything has influence. To raise a name:

– Parents are working afterwards and want to spend time with their children before going to bed

– The club, the class is in the evening, the children are pretty awake. Bed

– Television is a place the family is hanging around with, "I really like this show!"

– Children have more audiovisuals in their rooms (computers, television) Lost, parents still do not notice that it is later

– Parents are not much able to prepare beds on time Because they do not want a fight, give up without competing, give up [19659003] Do you recognize your family with some of these?

Some adjustments may be necessary for your child's health and development.
You can give because you know that you want to give your child the best way of raising.

1. Please make sure your children are doing adequate physical activity (Thumb will not count computer games! ) So they are tired properly in the body.

2. Restricting computer and television time I set a boundary and explain why I do not intend to make them happy soon, but as time goes by, there is a change in behavior . They use energy in various ways, small children play more and other ways will be creative.
And that it is quiet and clear beforehand will limit conflict after time.

3. participate. Even if you are tired and wandering in front of the television, even if you want to do things, participation in activities is useful. It will give you family time, you look at your children and where they are in a good place all day. And it will also help you improve your day from your system.

4. Let 's have fun on bed (for small ones) teach reading time and quiet play and talk time in bed. They like to stay with you, so it helps to bridge from daytime to nighttime.

5. Teenagers: Calm down and continue discussing why it will help them. Please be gentle, warm and firm about this need. It may be "cool" to get up, talk on the phone, play on the computer, watch TV, but in the long run it will weaken it.

6. Take action. You may need to set the boundary line more clearly and act . You know your child better than I do, so you need to clarify how to do with you. But, you know, sometimes it actually takes away the phone / cell phone, if they are talking at night. Or, remove the computer / TV. You are their parents and you need to guide them. It is not because they've got the privilege to be able to handle it, and that 'another person' also has it. Or because you do not feel like a conflict.

7. Please train them (and yourself) as soon as possible.

8. Please take enough time to go to bed. You will be able to handle all of the above yourself. And model what you are talking about.

Sleep is not a waste of time, it is a necessary time for your body and mind to deal with your life.
Please tell your children to preserve physical and mental health early on. You can earn profits throughout your life.
And you will enjoy your life, more together!

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