Size of Your Belly During Pregnancy


Looking for a pregnant woman whose abdomen is growing in front of you, or you may notice almost nothing. Let's read expert's comments on this question.

– Which factor depends on the size of the belly during pregnancy?

– The height of the belly, ie the height of the uterus, usually corresponds to the gestation period. For example, 32 to 33 cm is necessary for 32 weeks gestation. The volume of belly depends on the personality of the woman. Sometimes the anatomy affects it. A small woman with a slim pelvis has a bigger belly than a woman who is fat. But almost all belly growth is associated with pregnant women's weight gain. This is a factor that women always pay attention to.

– Which weight gain is considered normal?

– All women have her own personal norms. It depends on an index of body weight, which can be calculated according to a special prescription. Divide your weight (kg) by your height (square meters). Normal index is 19, 8 to 25, 9. If you are planning twins, add at least 2, 3, 4, 6 kg to this number.
Most of women take 40% of their weight in the first half of pregnancy and 60% in the second. If a woman is maintaining normal weight before pregnancy, you can get 1.5-2 kg in the first stage, 2 to 0.5 kg in the first stage and 0.5 to 1 kg in the whole of the 9th month. Your weight should be increased little by little. The development of a normal baby depends on this.

– What is the danger of overweight?

– If a woman increases her weight, there is a possibility that both her and the fetus will have problems. Excessive weight gain – One of the symptoms of late stage toxicity, which is the unhealthy condition of pregnant women. Late toxicity can lead to the onset of a miscarriage threat. Under these circumstances, women begin to feel pain in the waist and lower abdomen of the abdomen. Premature birth and early placental exfoliation may occur in extremely serious cases.

In addition, overweight makes muscle difficult to work. It also leads to edema on the feet, fore abdominal wall, hands. The muscles of the back and calves start to hurt, blood circulation of the feet begins. The veins get broken and the varicose veins become stronger. Pregnant women become tired, more frequent, stronger and hypersensitive. For fetuses, delayed toxinosis may cause chronic anoxia and prenatal mortality. The risk of very complete women's complications is high.

– What causes causes a very fast weight gain during pregnancy?

– People who like to eat well may gain weight immediately. However, moderation of the meal does not guarantee normal weight yet. Female tissues may have too much liquid, such as the kidneys not functioning adequately. Therefore, if a pregnant woman increases her weight too much, she needs to check the amount of drink and evolve between day and night. A healthy woman will deploy more liquid than she drinks. Accumulation of fluid in organisms leads to overweight. After that, not only the external organ but also the inside swells. Placenta & # 39; Edema is particularly dangerous. It breaks the growth of a normal fetus.

– How can pregnant women eliminate edema?

– While visiting the birth welfare center, pay attention to recommendations on prescription of nutrition that the doctor gives to her. As a general rule, the doctor advises all pregnant women to restrict salt, sweetener, fried food, fat content. The problem is that these products contribute to the accumulation of living fluids and lead to edema. We recommend that you arrange a fasting day once every ten days. Of course, this does not mean pregnant women have to go without food. Hunger is a contraindication to the future mother. During a fast day, pregnant women should restrict themselves in strictly determined amounts with certain products such as apples, cotton cheese, kefir, meat. In addition, she needs to observe confinement in bed – this will improve liquid excretion of living beings. Diuretic herbs are also of great help. But she should not limit the amount of liquid suddenly drunk. She should drink 1 or 2 liters per day.

– Did you find out that it is easier to fight edema?

– Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. Weight gain is kidney dependent. I work in many ways. Thus, for example, if a woman has chronic urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, body weight can be obtained quickly. Pelvic nephritis may appear during pregnancy. The background of the hormone has changed during this period. The organism starts production of hormones and contributes to the expansion of the urinary tract. Through these open gates, various infectious diseases reach the kidneys. Therefore, all pregnant women pass the bacterial test of vaginal excreta and must constantly control urine analysis.

– Do pregnant women account for overweight if the fetus is too big?

– Something like that happens from time to time. However, this may prove another problem. Very often …

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