Simple Eating Tips for Good Health


Just changing your eating habits can make a big change in your daily life. You will see some ideas that will help you live longer and feel healthy.

Salt: Many people use too much salt during a meal. In fact, I am reading that eating two large bags of salt throughout the year, than most people need. It is a lot of salt, and in recent years there was much evidence that the excessive sweetness of salt, which is causing a lot of troublesome side effects, affect our health. Instead of eating that terrible troublesome cheap salt, try buying at a supermarket to replace the high quality natural sea salt, or to give an extra bite to the meal using Kelp. Since it takes time to separate you from salt, please gradually reduce the amount you eat everyday. I rarely use it before lengthening it, which makes me healthier. We all need a little salt with an out diet, but it is not near what we eat. In fact, most processed foods, snacks and meals will have more salt when going out.

White sugar: White sugar is very troublesome, it is one of the worst things we can eat. Today, it is one of the world's most consumed foods. It is found, like salt, and found in almost all processed artificial diets. Avoid eating white sugar at all costs because it is only garbage. Laboratory chemicals are most likely to have higher nutritional value than white sugar.

Please replace white sugar with good quality organic sugar. A better idea is to use honey as it has great health benefits. Honey is known to be a strange food for thousands of years, thanks to the goodness of combing pollen and fresh honey. Please eat organic honey which has not been filtered without being filtered, or purchase directly from honey farms or quality organic farms. Avoid supermarket honey. It is most likely to have lost nutrition and goodness for all of filtration, heating and processing.

white bread: white bread has no nutritional value. It will occlude the arteries and overweight people. Even bread that is sold in its entirety, by exchanging it with fresh organic whole grain bread can have so many chemicals, additives, preservatives, it can be highly deceived The best idea is to make your own, so it is to buy some organic powder, knead it with some water and some balls, roll it, flatten it Placing under the grill to create bread can do the same. One of my favorite ways of making bread is to add the small pinch of sea salt and small extra virgin olive oil to water and flour, do the above. It is easy to mix everything as very wet. This oil removes any lumps and helps to increase the taste a little. Please slowly add a little slowly when you mix in the bowl. When you have a ball, leave it for more than 10 minutes so that all water is absorbed by the mix. When absorbed together, please clean the fabric with the washed hands. Please thin the grill and bread while diluting with olive oil. Bread is slightly baked or fried (olive oil), it is very healthy and has the best taste. You can also bake in the oven.

Margarine: Look at the label of margarine and notice how many chemicals and pesticides there. Yes, I was shocked, but many antiseptics are in the margarine. Now I will throw it all, go to the store, to buy some unsalted butter and some extra virgin olive oil, to show you a more healthy choice.

What you do is to mix a lot of olive oil in part of the butter. After putting butter in a warm room for 20 minutes, it is necessary to avoid melting the butter. Next time, mix olive oil and butter. This is much healthier than awful margarine. Even healthy margarine like olive oil is full of antiseptic and chemical substances. Please put your new extra virgin olive oil butter in the refrigerator. It will be ready for use.

I hope that all these healthy eating hints will help you live longer.

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