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This spring, CBN in partnership with Dr. Perlmutter, is launching a transformational challenge of health and wellness like no other. Spectators are invited to participate in a FREE 8-week Shape Up Challenge to achieve their personal goal of weight loss. The challenge begins on April 5 and ends on May 31. The challenge will focus on the "food ratio" using the philosophy of Dr. Perlmutter's book Grain Brain Whole Life : a scientific approach that helps with mental clarity, memory, improves overall well-being, encompasses healthy eating and weight loss. To join the challenge, viewers must log in to to provide their contact information.

To participate in the Challenge, viewers should:

  • Consult with their doctor to determine if this is the right plan for them and to eliminate any medical / dietary needs before beginning the plan.
  • Implement a regular exercise plan (exercise videos included in the program)
  • Reduce carbohydrates like breads, cereals and pasta (includes recipes and cooking videos)
  • Increase good fats (salmon, avocado, coconut, coconut oil, quinoa, fresh vegetables, etc.) to reduce inflammation and improve intestinal health. (recipes and cooking videos included)
  • Avoid diet / artificial sweeteners, which can cause weight gain.

The first 100 people who signed up for the challenge at
will receive Dr. Perlmutter's latest book, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan . Participation = log in and enter your lost / earned weight that week. A Fitkeeper Blaze Health Tracker portable device will be delivered each week for 8 weeks. A winner will be chosen at random from the entrants who enter their weekly progress at . Weight loss does not affect your chance to win a prize. It is not necessary to buy.

Dr. Perlmutter says: "This is a group effort … we want you to enter your weight loss every week." The total weight loss for the group will be published online every week …

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