Seven secrets of health


There are several easy keys to health in great sages, physicians, masters of all cultures, and all ages. Nutrition; inner cleansing moderate exercise adequate rest Restricted prospects with positive attention, and living in harmony with nature. In my practice as a therapist of naturopathy and energy, I have been continuously pulled back to the fundamental elements of these health, but still I am still very few people think how important they are I understand.

When you achieve wellness and balance in one of the seven major areas, its benefits will spread to other areas and our job of achieving total wellness will be much easier. As each of our lives and health areas become healthy, we are simply raised from a "well-health" mood to an unprecedented level of health and well-being. However, improving these seven in any way will help us feel stronger and healthier in our body, mind and spirit, as health brings benefits.

Correct breath

Failure to breathe properly will have a serious impact on physiological and mental health. I will deprive of the necessary oxygen from our cells, and the life force (or planar) being carried into it. Shallow breathing contributes to the release of histamine, a chemical that causes allergic reactions, promotes inflammation, and contributes to asthma. Lactic acid accumulates in the brain and affects our mood and spiritual sharpness. Since lymph fluid can not be pumped through the body, cellular waste can not be eliminated properly.

All of this means that breathing failure leads to the accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body, while limiting the supply of body healing, balanced condition, life force or activation of the planar. This creates a vicious circle that worsens the disease and affects our psychological health. Correct breathing and regular deep breathing clean the body of the pollutants and also clean and calm the mind.

Internal cleaning

I believe that the main cause of the diseases of our era is toxic overload, which is struggling with burdens of accumulated toxins in the body and can no longer be safely removed in the usual detoxification process.

We are constantly exposed to toxins in air, water, soil, our food, and even our house. When we eat healthy, fresh foods that are healthy, not underestimated, and restrict exposure to our environmental toxins our bodies probably naturally detoxify themselves I can. The internal cleansing and removal process continues to work, removing the waste and harmful substances that we have eaten, breathed in and absorbed through the skin.

On the other hand, the body slowly becoming poisoned by diseases, reduced immunity, or toxic overloads that prevents effective removal of toxins. That body is like a besieged city! Switching from normal healing mode to emergency state. The normal healing and repair process is stopped, and nobody (all your cells and organs) is absorbed in defense. Over time, if your body is not allowed to recover without removing toxins, your immune system will be exhausted and you will be at the expense of many of the health problems. Now your body needs your help to detoxify.

So what is the solution? By choosing natural products and eating more raw foods, we reduce our toxic load. Aim for balance: more pretty whole food. Pure water; sufficient motion deep breath; less exposure to hazardous substances and chemical substances. Healthy athletes who swim in the chlorinated pool in other respects often develop allergies to chlorine and remember that many bakeries develop allergy to chemicals or wheat in flour for constant exposure Put it down please.

Good nutrition

We are always told to eat healthy food, but many of us do not understand the big role of food in building health and promoting health. Food is the fuel of your body. If your food quality or quantity is bad your body will not be able to have enough fuel to supply the energy you need, otherwise the fuel will be poor.

Your immune system will not work properly if your food lacks the fibers, nutrients and enzymes necessary to support and build health. A powerful immune system is the best ally for you in exploring lifelong health and illness resistance. To build and maintain good immunity, take all the nutrients needed by your body to help detoxify and heal the body, rely on when stress is applied, nourish the nervous system and the brain I will. To maintain healthy biochemistry.

Good nutrition also helps to maintain the correct pH required for metabolic processes such as digestion, circulation of blood, release of body chemicals. Your body needs a more alkaline internal environment to maintain the correct balance of biochemical substances – enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters etc -. If the acidity is too high, the immune system weakens, infection and inflammation are promoted, and many metabolic processes indispensable to health are confused.

Fortunately, what you eat has a tremendous effect on your body's acid balance. A rich diet with raw vegetables and fruits is the best way to alkalize your body. This in turn will support the body's natural detoxification process and enhance your immune system.

Moderate exercise

Aerobic exercise (the type that can be obtained when active children and adults play) pumps blood into the heart, muscle, tissues, organs, and toxins flow out. Stretching helps relieve accumulated tension and free toxins from joints. Strength buildings create stronger muscles and organs.

Exercise is not just to strengthen muscle, heart, lungs. It also ensures that more oxygen-rich blood is pumped into all parts of the body, ensuring that all cells are immersed in important nutrients, and that of the healing "happy" hormones It stimulates release. Our plump cells are activated to rejuvenate to restore the effects of aging.

In addition, waste products and toxins are rapidly washed away through the body 's excretion pathway, preventing the detrimental accumulation of sludge and toxins around the cells and tissues. Your lymphatic system that carries away cellular waste and toxins from our cells can not extrude toxins unless your body is active. As fat is an ideal storage location for toxins, this may cause your body to keep weight. With moderate exercise for 1 hour a day, you can keep body energy, nutrients and cleaning process fluid.

Enough rest

When it is absent, your body repairs and cancels normal damage and stress caused by daily living. If you do not rest often, your body will overshoot rapidly to emphasize the immune system, susceptible to infection, illness and illness.

Therefore, sleep is very important for your health, both physiologically and psychologically. Even if you take another 30 minutes sleep at night, you can make a big difference in your mood, clearly thinking, learning ability, and your body's ability to recover from daily stress. According to a recent survey, school children may be given the necessary sleep to greatly improve the school's performance, even if the school is opened one hour later.

Approximately 8 hours is thought to be a good average, but the amount of sleep required by an individual may change. You can measure what you need according to your own feelings. If you are continuously feeling stress, being tired, irritated, or forgetfully and overly worried you may not get enough sleep. Add another 30 minutes to your sleeping time and be aware of the difference.

You also need a good rest in addition to a good sleep. It depends on you how you rest. Many people feel deep relaxation movement very refreshing and refreshing. You can take a walk on the beach slowly, stretch at the end of a busy day, breathe while sitting in clean air looking at the clouds. Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga can relax and calm both the body and mind, and smooth movements will wash away tired body with fresh energy, oxygen and blood, so you can calm down.

The most important is the quality of your rest, and the quality of your sleep. Accumulated stress and excessive fatigue can cause disturbed and shallow sleep as well as allergies and other health problems. Worrying, negative emotions, being overwhelmed, helpless, or angry makes it truly difficult to rest. You may sit down drinking tea, but your worrying mind is not absent, which means your body is not completely relaxed.

The important thing is that both your body and mind need time to take a break and relax throughout the day. If you think this is difficult, you may think the secret of the sixth health is particularly useful.

I live my present

What does this mean? A combination of things that transform us together from a negative to a positive attitude. When we are present at the moment we are not confused by the hopeful ideas and dreams about the future, even though we are connected with the past with that regret, guilt, and other bad luggage . Instead, we are centered around this moment so we can consciously live.

By living at the present moment, the main causes of stress are alleviated. Anxiety and fear of the future, or coping with past injuries and mistakes. You can concentrate more productively on doing what you have to do now to get the results you want. It also makes us free to understand what is already around us and give to the people around us with a lighter and more pleasant heart. Our life force flows more freely. Our health will prosper. Balancing our feelings with the different parts of our lives, finding a calm is easy.

Peaceful people have peace between themselves and the world. A calm heart can be completely at the present moment. It is the secret of emotional resilience and sharp intelligence. It will be more reflective if you can keep calm and return to calm at the time of stress. We can stop before reacting, you can choose your reaction based on your own values ​​and ideals, not being forced to act like this. A calm heart is a great source of inner strength and resilience.

Living in harmony with nature

Indeed, everything you read now is part of a life in harmony with nature. That is because good for nature is good for us as well. Whether it is us or not, our body is part of nature, our body is designed to live and maintain good health through continuous and beneficial interactions with our environment. Unless our environment contributes to health and welfare, we are constantly struggling to maintain health, recover from daily stress, and polish our bodies.

Please remember that diseases and allergies are often the product of the interaction between your body's mind and your environment. Your health is heavily influenced by whether you create and maintain an environment that supports health.

It helps you to regard yourself as the entity of energy you live in the energy world. In some areas you are a positive pole and in other areas it is a negative one. If you try to try all or one of all – either giving everything or taking everything, you will have a perfect balance between you and the nature (including the people around you) . result? Energy blockage or breakage, distress and physical condition.

There are lots of information to lead a more natural life. Some of them are somewhat extreme, but many of it can easily be adapted and adapted to your life.

In the long run, the secret to live in harmony with nature is the balance between what you give to the world and what you get out of it, the balance between what you take in your body and what you get out of it, It is moderation in. Balance is important.

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