Setting A Healthy Example For Our Children


Like I do, I will not like me!

Are you well-known? If you are a parent, you may be saying this comment at some point, or you may apply this theory to your parenting style. But your child is watching what you are doing and do what you do. That's why it's really important for us as parents to not only give the children the right value, but also to penetrate proper living and eating habits. So far, most people have heard about phenomenal statistics surrounding childhood obesity, and we anticipate that the number will increase in the future.

"Now that the problem has been resolved in many countries, the future of the child seems misery The number of obese children tripled since the 1980s, 18% of children today are obese

These statistics are the reality for our kids Please do your part to make sure that your children do not end up statistically.Today you have food and you You may be watching you have never worked all day in your life, but the good news is that it is not too late for it to start.Some hints you can try at the beginning Let me introduce:

1. Educate children in a young age: The information you provide will plant the seed of information early in their brain just because you are a young person. Shop for groceries. Describe the reason why you bought a banana instead of a cupcake, including those in the choice.

2. Keep technology to a minimum: Activate your kids for entertainment on TV games and TV We are encouraged not to rely too much on technology.The technology is not a bad thing, but it is better time for your child to work something actively to revitalize the body and mind.

3 Spend a family day (often): Let's take an example and take your family outdoors to enjoy the physical activity you have chosen.Please have a good time.The important thing here is the active

4. Walk after dinner: In addition to burning the calories you ate, you regularly spend quality time with your family, this is a winning situation! [1 9659002] 5. Illustrate yourself: You are usually the first "hero" of a child you want to do all you do. Please make use of that opportunity to eat properly and eat it, as your child wants to do the same.

We love our children, so we can not keep our children at risk. Let's be on their role model – do not put off – in today's example, please tell your children to make a healthy choice!

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