Secrets of Slim Women


Staying slim is a goal that most women strive to achieve. Some women will tell you that keeping thin is an endless battle for them. And it’s true, for some women, it’s harder to stay slim than to lose weight in the first place. This is what happens when you undergo a diet that is severely restricted and cannot be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. However, there are also women who seem to have an easy time to maintain a slender figure. What do these women know that we don’t?

Thin women eat. The secret is what they eat, how much food they eat and when they eat. Thin women eat 4 to 6 small meals per day, which usually consist of approximately 300 calories or less. A balanced meal with lots of fruits and vegetables is the usual thin women’s food. They start their days with a healthy breakfast, usually eating within an hour after waking up. This is usually the biggest meal of the day and would contain the largest portion of carbohydrates allowed for the day. Successive meals are consumed with no more than 3 hours of difference to ensure that your metabolism does not decrease and drink an adequate amount of water during the day. Skinny women have a healthy relationship with food and don’t care about it. Occasionally, they can eat more than they usually do and can afford fatty foods, but they know that they will be able to return to their regular meals tomorrow because they have successfully incorporated a healthy diet into their lifestyle.

Skinny women sleep well. Studies show that thin women sleep two hours more per week than overweight people. The researchers suggest that sleep affects the production of appetite suppression and the hormones that increase appetite, as well as interfering with the carbohydrate metabolism that promotes the storage of body fat. To make sure you are getting enough sleep, set up a bedtime schedule that you can meet. Relaxation rituals like taking a warm shower before bedtime also help.

Thin women remain active. Even without a fitness plan, skinny women stay active by choosing to walk instead of riding, climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator or running around the block if the urgency strikes them. The exercise regimen of thin women usually includes basic body sculpting exercises and cardio that develop muscles. Remember that the more muscles you have, the more efficient your metabolism will be.

Now, you see, there’s really no magic formula to keep you skinny. There are no new things to try or pills to explode. The secret to staying slim is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Everything else follows naturally.

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