Rules of Healthy Snacking


Children like snacks. Hunger likes snacks. Our bodies need energy and nutrition to keep vitality and health, and snacks offer the perfect opportunity to supply the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers to the diet.

With a busy schedule, it may be difficult to design a meal that provides all the nutrients necessary for the body. Please be aware that most children and many young people are disgusting foods. Therefore, they can not end the entire meal. Also, young children have small stomachs, so they may not eat enough to meet nutritional needs, healthy snacks become important.

Fully satisfying health snacks such as carbohydrates, protein, fat etc. are required. For example, you can cut and serve fresh vegetables with peanut butter, cheese, or cottage cheese. Add crackers and get carbohydrates. Another option is fresh fruits with yogurt, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese. Egyptian cereals were topped with milk or yoghurt.

Do you know that a cup of sugar is equal to 4 grams? Did you see the nutrition information of your favorite cereal box? The most healthy cereals contain less than 3 grams of sugar per serving. My recent trip to a local supermarket was unfortunately happening in the passage of probably 50 different varieties, probably only a handful of low sugar grains could be found. Excessive sugar consumption leads to cavities and empty calories, so please be careful as it will lead to undesirable weight! When choosing cereals as educated consumers: Read the label!

Super snacks do not have to worry. What they need to accomplish is only to help you achieve the goal of getting three meals of dairy and five meals of fruits and vegetables a day. Crackers with chocolate sticks
– Pretzels and cheese cubes
– Fruits / Vegetables / Lunch Meat Key (pictures) (19459003)
– Peanut Butter Bagels
– Hard egg butter and slice toast
] – Milk and McColly
– Boat / log bug (for recipes for http: //

Keep healthy snack foods handy and keep nutrients routine in the family's food You can satisfy the necessary conditions. Happy Snack!

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