Results not eating a healthy breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day today! We all know it. But do you know that there is a result not to eat healthy breakfast?

But before entering it, companies need to know a healthy breakfast.

Look for a breakfast cereal offering at least 6 grams of fiber per serving. Add nonfat milk and change the bowl to a delicious meal of banana, berry, or apple slice.

Prepare whole-grain flour or penpal nickel slices for toast using soft margarine without trans-fatty acids or cholesterol-reduced spread containing vegetable stanol.

Sugar intake should be less than 10 grams per serving. Brown, bacon, croissants, and other fast foods contain too much fat and salt, so please have breakfast.

Even if you put eggs in a breakfast table, 1 egg per day is enough.

Now I will not eat a healthy breakfast.

First, skipping a healthy breakfast will trigger craving for unhealthy food on that day.

Second, not eating a healthy breakfast can actually lead to weight gain. According to Harvard Men & # 39; s Health Watch, missing a full breakfast was associated with a quadruple increase in the risk of obesity.

This is because our metabolism works late on the night we slept. Protein called leptin prevents our body from functioning normally, saying that we do not "wake up" our metabolism to a normal state with a full breakfast. This includes reducing your weight.

Third, you are affected not only by the risk of obesity you missed a health-bound breakfast, but also by other diseases. High fiber cereals help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even intestinal polyp and colon cancer.

In this bustling world where we live, the first thought of the beginning should not skip breakfast to have time. Rather, it is important to increase the time to make a healthy breakfast.

The result of not eating a healthy breakfast may leave permanent health hazards and may even hit us at the hospital rather than at work.

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