Removal treatment for women – relief to treat falling hair


Frequently, it is said that female hair is her splendid glory. It is no wonder that there are many hair products that claim to make hair thicker, shiny and easy to handle, including shampoo and conditioner. Although depilation is not common in women, it is not uncommon for women to experience hair loss. Women are often responsible for the color of shampoo and hair, but they can be caused by factors that occur in the body of a woman.

Depilation of a woman may be due to many factors including variable hormonal concentration, stress, illness, medication, pregnancy or childbirth. These conditions adversely affect the hair follicle and you will not be able to hold your hair. The follicle contracts and new hair does not grow. Usually these symptoms are improved and your hair will come back soon.

Because there are so many possible causes, we recommend consulting a doctor so that you can prescribe appropriate treatment. This is especially true when experiencing sudden hair loss. If hair loss is caused by a skin infection, the dermatologist can treat the infection.

In women, the pattern balance of women may be affected by the age of 50. Like male pattern alopecia, this is a genetic condition caused by DHT and dihydrotestosterone, which affects the hair It will depilate normal hair and produce only thin, short, colorless hair . Exaggeration is irreversible. Atrophied hair follicles will disappear forever.

If you want to return beautiful hair, early hair removal treatment is necessary. The first step in treating this condition is prevention. Eating healthy and balanced diet will help you. Women are encouraged to eat fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts. Diet should be supplemented with milk, wheat germ, vegetable oil, honey, yeast extract, liver.

Exercise and scalp massage encourages blood flow to strengthen follicles.

Certain medical products for hair loss treatment especially for women.

It is prudent to consult a doctor because Provillus is FDA-approved depilatories designed for women and medications for men often contain ingredients harmful to women. It includes natural products that reduce hair loss and promote growth.

There are other products containing anti DHT components such as saw palmetto extract, azelaic acid, zinc and others. With proper diet and exercise, women can use them effectively to treat thinning hair.

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