Reason why the Internet is dangerous for children


I have heard from other parents that the Internet is a dangerous place for children. Yes, No. Proper approach to the Internet can bring a tremendous benefit to your child's knowledge and development. Why the Internet is dangerous to children is related to the fact that malicious people actually hide their identity and have easy access to your child online.


Cyber ​​bullying

Cyber ​​bullying is when other children and teens on the Internet hate your children. As with school bullying, the only difference is that bullying activities are taking place online while your child remains in your room. Other children and teenagers may annoy you, intimidate, threaten your child by calling horrible words or aggressive pictures that affect your child's pride, or simply by name.

Sexual exploitation

Sexual predators invite children to offline meetings using persuasive tactics online. They may offer gifts to your children (they can not buy for your child or refuse to purchase) and try to show what they do not have (Increase level of anxiety and interest) For promised work. The low defense power of children, high anxiety and concern will increase the chances of considering taking predators offline. Other parents may not be able to explain exactly why the Internet is dangerous for children. "The Internet is dangerous and your child should keep it away."

Cyber ​​stalking

Cyber ​​stalking is very likely to lead to offline attacks when stalkers persistently follow victims online. The situation becomes more serious when an attack goes from online to offline because it can contain some form of physical contact. It is therefore always important that your child does not reveal personally identifiable information online to anyone. This includes home addresses, school names, places frequenting out.

This is just a few examples of why the Internet is dangerous to children. Besides teaching your children to act online, you can consider considering taking additional measures to pay more attention. One of the effective approaches parents take today is to install parental control software.

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