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Some of you have seen "What The Health" for a strange reason that concludes that information is biased. Well, as evidence of living, I prove that the whole lifestyle based on food plants is the only lifestyle to reverse and prevent!

I love the opportunity to share the principles of our whole human race – strong lifestyle movement with your community. Our whole human plant – a strong life is based on the principles I live everyday. I am also 49 years old in celiac, arthritis, and vitiligo, but I am not a prescription medicine. My blood pressure is 98 in 69, cholesterol in 172, blood sugar in 100, weight is 135 pounds. I am healthier than my life until now

It makes me sad and very angry to see a lot of us! I would like to teach you how to exchange your traditional recipe with a more healthy and affordable nutritious plant-based variety. It is a timeout for existing denials. It is time to live the rich God's life. We were all created with freedom and hope of Liberty!

Go! Eat according to the guidelines of

: . But please remember that we do not control what is being produced at grocery stores and restaurants.

These small changes produce a difference. If the lacking elements of our lifestyle are vitamins and minerals, why focus on proteins? That one nutrient does not help to achieve health and health goals.

Please remember that rainbow is always the most important requirement when one of our goal is to go out, colorful all raw food,

. The essential color is green.

Before ordering or eating something

5 questions

1 Is this real food?

2 If I leave it at my counter, will it collapse?

3 Will it join or get rid of good germs in your digestive tract? (19659002) 4 Does this choice lead to rewards and regrets?

5 Is this feeling good and giving me vitality, do you feel bad or bad?


Invoke action:

When you start eating a meal with small food, this is an excellent way to control the part.

Unleash your old mindset and your life will follow. ]

Old Habits: Eat a large amount of food choices, eat very fast in the car

New habits:

Healthy Eating Tips

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