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There are more questions about raw diet and I know about it, but here is the raw food facts to know if you want to know more.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was a raw food intake for many years, starting with raw food. I stopped chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and pursued a natural path. All my diseases have disappeared in the process. I also lost weight with this process and all this in the first month. There have been a long list of too many diseases to mention here, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, celiac disease, gastrointestinal infection, IBS, gastrointestinal disorders, sinus disease, pain and pain. However, I started eating raw food, so I never experienced cold or flu. I did not take any medicine and did not do anything before breast cancer diagnosis.

I do not have to sleep only five hours in one night, but I tried to make more work, but I have too much energy. Yes, this is all from eating live food, uncooked food, living food!

I eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. I eat a huge salad. I eat a lot of all fruit smoothies. And I will fix a simple raw food recipe that takes just a moment to fix. Many people find that the connection between what they ultimately told them, what they breathe, and what they attach to their skin is related to the physical function and the benefits of the immune system Is recognized.

We will not purchase expensive supplements or diet programs. Today you can start as soon as you visit the production department of your favorite grocery store or the food store in your neighborhood. Farmers and farmers' markets are even better. It is best to buy organic farms whether they are fertilizers, farms without herbicides or pesticides, or on farms. But in any case, you want to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, probably you can do it in a day, but it would be better to add raw nuts and raw seeds.

If you have medicine or medicine, if you have serious health problems, especially if you are drinking thinner please check with your doctor. Vitamin K exists in several green, it is natural blood thinner. Grapefruit should not be eaten with some medicine.

If you are currently suffering from illness, eat raw diet chiefly and do not hurt looking at your feelings. You need to notice more energy, some weight loss and relief of various symptoms, all within a few days. Try out. Tired of taking medicine, hundreds of people tired of body pain and fatigue are joining the outbreak. You can do it too!

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