Raising a Healthy Baby With Natural, Organic Products


Smooth and soft skin and the smell of a sweet new baby is poisoning. Unfortunately, there is the possibility of injuring infants in fact in the short term or in the long term, unless many parents, general skin care products, textile products, ordinary household items, foods etc. are known.

In today's media-led society, it is difficult to distinguish between myths and fiction so it is important to acquire the necessary knowledge to organize information and make safe and healthy choices I can do it. Child. Here we provide some basic information on the biggest concern you need to consider when raising your little ones.

Baby skin care products

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, whatever is applied to the skin is absorbed, blood flow and Internal system. Baby's blood is thinner than adults and therefore has no ability to block harmful substances. Their small bodies also have higher metabolism, and toxins are more harmful than fully grown humans.

Unfortunately, personal care products, including those for your baby's, are not generally regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Even though you do not believe it or not, Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) dominates many consumer products, but cosmetics are not the most regulated in that law.

  • 1,4-Dioxane: This chemical substance added as a solvent stabilizer is classified as highly carcinogenic by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Diethanolamine (DEA): DEA, a blowing agent, is generally considered a carcinogen. Although it is gradually excluded from many products, its derivatives are still used in many personal care products. These are known as cocamide DEA, lauramide DEA or MEA, or triethanolamine (TEA). They are easily absorbed and may rise to chronic toxicity levels over time.
  • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde found in soap, shampoo, body wash, air freshener, aerosol products is carcinogenic, causes DNA damage, is a nervous system sedation agent, mental depression, chronic fatigue, dizziness , And loss of sleep.
  • Aroma: Chemical substances added due to its fragrant nature lead to rashes, dizziness, coughing, vomiting, headache, allergic reactions (according to the American Academy of Sciences, perfumes are a major cause of allergic reactions to cosmetics is). Many are also known as hormonal disintegrations that can cause reproductive disorders.
  • Parabens: This chemical group, which is used as a synthetic preservative in many personal care products, has estrogen mimetic properties. Although specified in ingredient lists such as butyl, ethyl, propyl, and methyl paraben, they can disrupt the function of the endocrine system and cause skin perfusion and rash. Parabens is also considered an unclassified carcinogen.
  • Phthalate: This chemical substance, which is an additive to many personal care products, is an endocrine disrupting substance, a developmental toxic substance and may contribute to liver cancer and kidney damage. This is often used for baby goods with fragrance.

Choosing natural skin care products for babies is one of the ways to avoid these products, as it is a rare cream, lotion, or shampoo. Please carefully check the labels and purchase from a reputable company promising to manufacture safe products without using these chemicals.

Baby food

Your baby may consume 600 bottles of baby food within one year of birth. And cups, harmful chemicals into his health. Food grown on regular farms contains relatively high doses of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. On average children 5 years old consume 8 pesticides each day, but like the chemicals of personal care products their body is not equipped to remove these toxins like us . As a result, by ingesting food regularly, children may experience reproductive, endocrinological, nervous, and developmental disorders.

Meanwhile, organically grown fruits and vegetables must comply with the standards set by the US Department of Agriculture. Farmers can not use conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, biotechnological seeds, or ionizing radiation. Organic meat and dairy products must be from animals raised without hormones or antibiotics. Choosing organic baby food for your child is one way to avoid exposure to pesticides.

Baby textiles

Maybe you want to embrace your baby girls with newly laundered bedding or clean cotton sheets, but these are also health problems It can contribute to. A bunch of your pleasure. Like crops grown for food, cotton is cultivated with mass injection of insecticides, herbicides, insecticides. In fact, cotton occupies only 2.4% of the world's agricultural land, but consumes 24% of total insecticide and 11% of total pesticide! Like cosmetics used on your baby 's skin, babies can absorb toxins when wrapped in cloth containing these chemicals.

Cotton and polyester can also be treated with problematic dyes. Conventional dyes include petrochemical and heavy metal components such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, etc.

Wipe your child with healthy clothing and bedding made of natural and organically grown textiles such as organic, colorful cotton, natural hair, hemp, bamboo. All these options will make your child free from chemical nightmares.

Daily Cleaning Supplies

You also need to consider how you clean your house when thinking about your baby as if the toxins above are not worrying about. health. You can touch a chemical cleaner even if you breathe "nice" air at the nursery school or crawl on a cleanly washed floor. In fact, cleaning chemicals found in average American homes may be three times more carcinogenic than those outside the home. Briefly explain the potential dangers in your cleaning supplies:

  • Chlorine bleach: This whitener is toxic if swallowed, causing asthma, vomiting, irritation of the skin and eyes.
  • Ethoxylated nonylphenol and thymol: contained in floor coatings, detergents and air fresheners. This chemical substance is a hormone obstruction substance, it causes dizziness or falsehood and it may cause DNA damage. Carcinogen).
  • Hydrochloric acid (hydrogen chloride or mulillic acid): This chemical substance commonly found in many toilet bowl cleaning agents, tile cleaner, drain port, calcium / rust / lime remover, soil removal agent, deodorant burns the skin It causes diarrhea, and if you touch the eyes it may cause blindness.
  • Naphthalene (Naphthalene): It is well known as a moth ball, but this substance seems to be a carcinogen and reproducible toxin. It may also contribute to liver, kidney, and corneal damage.
  • Nitrobenzene: With wood polishes, this ingredient can cause shallow breathing, skin discoloration, and even cancer.
  • Sodium hydroxide: Known as rye or caustic soda, this is a rich cleaner, oven cleaner, drain, tile and grout cleaner, laundry detergent, water softener, toilet bowl cleaner, mold remover, grill cleaner It is often seen. It causes irritation of the skin and eyes, suppresses reflections and causes tissue damage if swallowed.

If you are cleaning the closet for cleaning, we would like to repurchase biodegradable and harmless cleaning products from plants that do not contain these troublesome ingredients .

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