Quick Ways To Whip Up A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Nutritious For Kids


Grilled cheese sandwiches are the easiest meal. Children can even learn to make it on their own. What I made included regular cheese and white bread containing margarine to bake it. There are several ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches more nutritious for your child.

First of all, we need to make the cheese slim. Full fat cheese is a thing of the past. A slice of fat-free cheese melts in exactly the same way with less calories and fat. If American cheese is too soft, try slicing Swiss cheese or green pepper cheese cheese. Mozzarella is also delicious in sandwiches. A cheese slice is one slice, but if you are using a fat-free variety, you can usually get a cream sandwich with two slices.

How about bread? Bread is an important element. White bread contains a lot that is not healthy for you. Please try whole wheat or multigrain bread. Sour doughpan will be a good substitute. What you want is bread with low calorie and carbohydrates per meal.

How about meat? When I added Bologna to a sandwich of grilled cheese when I was a child, they called it a "flying saucer." By adding meat slices, the sandwiches become a complete meal. Depending on your preference you can add roast beef, ham slices, turkeys, bacon, sausages, or sliced ​​chicken breasts.

How is the taste? Add a lot of taste to their grilled cheese sandwiches with some alternative seasonings. Adding mustard gives a spicy taste to the sandwich. For better taste, add brown or Dijon mustard. I go to the south of the border with salsa which was added a little to the sandwich. Salsa makes grilled cheese a sandwich. Roasted beef goes well with rumors of barbecue sauce that was added for more flavor. If your child is a more simple flavor, add mayo or ketchup with a small amount of fat-free fat in the sandwich. Adding a dressing like Thousand Island is another great choice for adding variety.

Let's add some crunch to your sandwich. Slice the apple and place it on top of the cheese. People eat slices of cheese in apple pie, apples are added to many cheese trays. Why are not grilled cheese sandwiches? Please use Grandma's Smith Apple's biggest crunch. They maintain shape more than red apples.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are really coming. We added meat, changed cheese, changed bread, added sauce and added extra kick. What is left? Let's see if you can add vegetables. Pickles will work well in Bologna's cheese sandwich. A juicy tomato slice gives color and aroma to meat and cheese combination. Please get the green slice with the lettuce of the romane or spinach leaves.

I throw out margarine. I spread a thick layer of margarine on both sides of bread and then put sandwiches in bread. There are several choices for this. Please use spray butter or non-stick cooking spray in the pan. Your child still has a buttery flavor even without all butter calories. Another option is to brown the sandwich in the oven. Using a cookie sheet, spray butter spray on both sides of the bread. Bake the cheese sandwich in a preheating oven at 425 ° C for about 6 minutes on one side.

Freshly baked cheese sandwiches are in new shape. By adding meat, seasoning and vegetables your sandwiches are now food. Let's prepare for your little people. Let them make their own sandwiches.

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