Quick Snack and Meal Ideas – Healthy Eats for Moms on the Run

Health is your real wealth

Is not the mother of a young child in a hurry? Drive the city, prepare lunch, change diapers, shop and try to exercise. You may be looking for shortcuts on meals and snacks outside or outside the house. There are some ideas to shed your efficient juice and to lose weight in the process.

Quick Lunch Idea:

  • Turkish sandwich with whole wheat bread and celery sticks
  • Tuna with sliced ​​tomato in whole wheat bread
  • Bowl of whole grain flour of tomato soup [19659004] Salad, chicken breast meat
  • whole grain wheat English muffin melt using tomato and cheese
  • chicken salad is packed in hollow peppers
  • vegetarian · quas sadilla
  • ]

Ideas for quick snacks [19659003] Yogurt topped with granola and fruit

  • Bran The Muffin of apple slices
  • Ricotta cheese, cinnamon, thinly sliced ​​brown rice cake
  • with sweet peppers Humus
  • Light popcorn
  • cottage cheese things with peaches and strawberries [19659004] celery with peanut butter and dressing
  • When you want to eat snacks, the food reaches for the most easy-to-eat food. Please wash before you need them and prepare your vegetables. For the next snack attack, we have celery sticks, snacks, baby carrots and green pepper strips. The same thing goes to the fruit. Every day my whole body melon or watermelon will not get hot. But once you are ready to go slicing once, it's a delicious and easy snack. Slice the apple and bring it as a snack two hours after breakfast. Please slice every few minutes until lunch time, to protect the desire of gore.

    Yes, a healthy meal needs more preparation than reaching a bag of chips. But that profit is worth the effort. Your health is improved, you lose weight and your child will get a nice example of a healthy diet. Remember, the wonderful choice does not take an hour to prepare.

    Today's action steps: What are the health snacks and meal options you make today?

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