Pleasing Your Woman – How to use your fingers to bring a woman to your orgasm


Learning ways to please your ladies with your fingers is a hot topic recently in many sexual forums. Outside your adulthood, your hand is the next best tool among lovemaking.

When a man pointed correctly to a woman, the pleasure she gains is enough to drive her to heaven in orgasm.

However, excellent fingering techniques are more than piercing fingers into the vagina. In fact, if you do it wrong, you cause pain or discomfort to completely turn off the woman.

To learn how to put your fingers on a woman is the secret to learn under your sleeve. Please tell me the hints for women to experience good fingering now.

Hint 1: Please trim your palm before inserting your finger into your vagina. Long nails may cut her and cause pain. For hygienic reasons, it is better to keep your nails short.

Hint 2: Start slowly. Do not get too excited from the beginning. Start lightly, get her in the mood, gradually increase the pace of the stroke.

Hint 3: Please use lubricant. Lubricants make the entire process smoother and make it more enjoyable for her.

Tip 4: Look for the g spot. With your palm facing up, insert your forefinger in your vagina. Your goal is to try to reach her belly button with your fingers. While you are deep inside her, make a "come here" movement with your fingers and feel a rough pain on the front wall of the vagina. That is the g spot.

Hint 5: stimulate g spot. When you find the g spot, press it strongly. Please rub it and observe her reaction. How her legs and she asks her if you want to go fast.

Hint 6: Please follow her movements. If you are going to do things right, she should push the butt and move. Let's time out your fingers movement with her threat. Please be aware that orgasm will be lost at the wrong time. She should feel nervous just as she is trembling as she approaches orgasms. Go to the finish line!

I hope you got some ideas on how to point a woman and give her her orgasm.

But if you want to please her in bed, knowing how to point a woman well is not enough. For sexual satisfaction you need to last for at least 2 minutes during sexual intercourse. Are you thinking enough?

If not, please check the bonus tips on how to last a bed now:

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