Parent's perspective on mental health and the challenges faced by children


I was always aware of writing a therapeutic venture. It makes it possible to remove emotions, guilt feelings, and imagined reactions that we are inappropriate, and to see the item at hand at hand. There is something to release us about seeing your thoughts embodied in sentences. It makes it possible for us to share and reflect in an objective way and indeed it is easier to deal with it so that it is expressed in writing whilst it is part of our life I will try to see through.

Look at this article, for example. For many years the subject of mental health has not been openly debated in family, school, or work. However, if someone breaks their legs, encounters with cars, or falls down stairs, people may get injured. They can imagine what it is like to see another car hitting their heart, or feeling toppling down the stairs. However, it is very difficult to understand the level of anxiety that someone keeps the infant indoors, or a certain galling pain that can be removed in a wave of guilt feeling after constantly cutting a part of the body by taking sharp objects It Is difficult. It is from those who love her. We need to break the silence and spend time relating to our children.

If we deal with it without acknowledging the problem (ostrich) or there is a posture that our children grow from (idealists) it is a phase, but still more today Children deal with mental health. Some of these can not stand this fight. Society does not deal with this particular epidemic well. Parents are not taught warning signs and children are not taught that it is OK to be open about mental health. Children immerse themselves in their skills – learn to communicate with the world from behind the phone screen and talk. Parents give the children space to the children, thinking that this is just a stage of growth. In reality, it is often seeking help. This call for help is thrown out to the Internet and if children are lucky enough they will find virtual support. If they are not lucky their feeling that they are alone and abandoned has little value is increased. Now is the time to quit (or at least reduce) our technology and talk with our children. We need to hug them and accept who they are. All children have value and need to understand that we value them, love them, and desiring them in our lives.

As a parent when our child grew older, we remember what we once did. When they first said "father", we try to regain the moment of pleasure. Or when they take the first step. Or when it was ok to walk hand in hand with your little girl without getting strange landscape gaze.

But things change, the passage of time will cause our children to follow their own path. There is a terrible thing for them as well as for us. We just lose our ability to hold hands together. I am hurrying here and there, taking me to a friend 's house, or tragically watching when the bystanders suffer from mental health problems, depression, suicidality.

Over time, you see a system that is supposed to help your child fail over and over again. Finally in an impulsive decision to end help or pain in desperate screams for help, she will try suicide. It is a week before the 19th birthday.

After she ingests numerous pills (her prescribed "suicide method") she has a mind before she dies to call you. While driving irregularly to her mother's house, you can manage her by hand. Police and EMS were dispatched.

At the hospital, a toxicology report arrives and you wait overnight while the nurse checks the little girl you could have with one hand. She is now an adult grown completely near the peak of her next birthday.

Meanwhile, suddenly you start hyperventilation. It takes a little time for it to happen, but still you feel like the center of your heart torn from your breast and raised high above the sacred altar. A panic occurs, the tear begins, you desperately grab the edge and trying to move back to your position if there is strength, the spiral will continue. I will return to a position where I can reasonably handle the facts and reality of my situation.

You just had a panic attack. A small vision of what your child is facing on a daily basis.

Reflecting this, you realize how strong your daughter is. She treats this feeling, stupidity, guilt and pain every day. Now you can understand a little, and start a trip to help your child.

Fast forward and your daughter who is approaching 20 now is out of the hospital. She will return to weekdays for a half day program yet. She is recovering and there are good and bad days. She fights everyday and remembers how loved, needed, and evaluated herself. Also, you remember her about every opportunity she gets.

Sometimes, listen to people talking about mental health and ask how someone is better. Or & # 39; Fixed & # 39; And you feel a little angry. In reality, psychosis is time consuming to cure. It may take years for someone to be completely comfortable and to be able to manage the moment that causes life's stress and anxiety.

Your job is to stand strong, as your parent, to support your child. What you understand is available. You have the ability to help avoid your guilt as your child is just consistent with your support.

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