Orthorexia – Are you crazy about a healthy diet?


Body trust

A few months ago, on the body trust, I took online course with Be Nourished. It had a great influence on my thinking about my body, weight, diet, exercise. I was pretty heavy in my early 40s, but no matter what I did, nothing was exaggerated. But in the process, I learned a lot about nutrition and exercise.

I was sorry for lots of things about my weight and my way of thinking. And it really is in my world and has an impact on the ability to be seen. My idea of ​​the day was picked up by the exercise and I was taking as many steps as I could. I have a fit bit and a fit bit and I was always thinking about ways to reduce food, exercise, weight. I dislike seeing the mirror, I felt as if not doing enough to lose weight.

He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2016 and had to undergo a blood test for 6 weeks in the thyroid gland and the liver. Two of my liver tests show that my enzyme is rising.

When I joined the body trust course, I came to see if the relationship with my body really dominated. One of the secrets they have on their site is "We can not hate ourselves in our own version that we can love." The shame we are feeling We believe that we can lose weight and eat so that we get the size we want and at the same time we can build a loving relationship with our bodies. Can not.

Fat Shaming

We are not a problem, we believe our society is worth dysfunctioning and we can control weight by applying the right method.

I wanted to fit so as not to be shy. I thought that I wanted to be invisible and inconspicuous. I thought that I gathered too much negative attention.

Healthy Eating

I knew very much about food. I tried many meals like I focused on healthy meals. Wheat belly meal, Paleo, vegetable paradox, eat right for your blood type. I tried them all. Although there was no difference, I said that because I had a healthy diet, I needed slow metabolism. Alternatively, the thyroid gland protects body weight and high cortisol from the stress of the earthquake.

I had a very good self restraint. I was able to go without sugar, wheat, gluten. I was constantly trying to eat, import food from overseas, and keep track of foodstuffs all over the country. I had lots of vitamins and supplements. My body was like an obsession to control it, depending on what I wanted to change, what I was eating, and how I was moving.


Orgy is another end of the confused meal spectrum. It is obsessed with a healthy diet. People who do not eat healthy are good, elitistic and embarrassing. It looks as if you are really watching yourself, so it is very secret. I told myself that it was following the trends of various chefs who wrote healthy cookbooks. I was optimizing my health. I put more pressure on myself to make a perfect meal. My best friend died of pancreatic cancer, which scared me. I hurt myself by giving a lot of power to food and I made a very stiff one I ate.

I actually read that after I read that low carbohydrates may thrust the thyroid gland because I think that the way I was eating contributes to the condition of the thyroid gland.


I learned all about how to remove shame from eating from my obsession about my size and weight. I noticed that I was absorbed in exercising in an unhealthy way. I sold fit bits and scales. I had many fears about stopping thinking about exercise and food. I had no fear of controlling myself, as I would eat something in front of me, there was a fear of becoming a fat storm.

However, in reality, self-control was a problem. It was all based on fear and was very hard. Your body will enter survival mode, restricting your food intake and just just eating healthy, and part of it, your brain will eat you food, and you will start to crave It is to be confused by all the food. We guarantee you will survive and start eating more than restricted meals.

Intuitive meal

An intuitive meal is a place to trust your body and guide you to what you eat. Every food has equal value. You can eat whatever you want. And you can eat for emotional reasons. You guessed it, I ate everything I denied myself, it was the best. And I was very happy. So satiated. I was satisfied because I ate what I wanted, so in fact less food. I am not trying to fill up what I do not want, but I think I should eat it.

So the pendulum turned in the opposite direction. After that, it gradually returned to the center. I began to know that I do not like to eat ice cream. I did not like to eat a lot of sugar, it did not have the same appeal to me. I wanted to exercise more naturally rather than let go of the device.


I went to the blood test. And my liver enzyme was within range. I began concentrating on other things because my thought was not taken up by thinking about food and exercise and controlling my body. I got a reading glasses with my new haircut. I did not want to think about my body and my way of thinking, so I was too scared.

I am now more comfortable talking to people, I do not realize my weight. Before I get absorbed in the size of my belly, I am not thinking about it now. I do not know how much weight I have. I do not feel ashamed.

One of the most important things that really influenced the relationship with food was to learn to absorb more nutrients when you happily found it to eat. There was no difference what it holds your nose to eat vast beans.

Since the intelligence of our bodies is more sensible than us, it is time to listen to our bodies and trust them

Healthy Eating Tips

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