Obtain complete quota of nutrients


So, what is fresh about this thing you do not already know? Think again. It is because you are not aware that it is important. Please open your eyes and mind in order to maintain the health of your eyes. Well, take out your diet chart and critically consider again. Are you eating the right food? Are you eating a healthy diet?

In the evening sun, you will not only eat food but also accept healthy meals. Daily nutrients and calorie charts vary from individual to individual according to her demands. People with athletes and comfort feel that nutrients and calories need different amounts of nutrients and calories. It also depends on your age and body mass index.

USDA created the calorie chart needed for Americans in 2005.

For teenagers with less than 1800 calories consumers, you should consider increasing at least 2000 counts per day. Well, where do you get these many calories from? How do you calculate the caloric value of food you eat? What are the other nutrients you need?

I will not go to the boring details about the illusion called food. In summary, the USDA is also preparing a chart to suggest what to eat to get these many calories. And they call it the pyramid of the food guide. It is only that you have to do a bit of calculations to balance your diet.

up to 5 servings of vegetables

up to 4 servings of fruit

dairy products 3 servings

pasta, cereals, bread 11

2-3 meat red and white), eggs, nuts and beans Put together.

Very discreetly fat and sweets.

So, how much should you handle service? Let's see what the USDA must say about this. One serving of cereals, slices of bread, 1 ounce of cereal, C cup of cooking and vegetables, 1 cup each of juice and milk, 2 – 3 ounces of red meat, half cup of boiled beans (Oi … so much !!)

Additives and preservatives are regulated by the FDA for our benefit. Manufacturers eventually finalize the proven benefits and other adverse effects of new drugs before they are approved by the FDA. The main criteria for approval is that additives should not cause cancer or heart disease.

SNAC – Study Nutrition Works NESSCAMPAIGN, UCLA has made some interesting discoveries. According to them, additives make up about 1% of your total food supply. 98% are sugar, salt, pepper, mustard, corn syrup, citric acid, baking soda. In addition, preservatives such as calcium propionate are used to extend the shelf life of the bread. But please wait one minute! Please pay attention to preservatives such as saccharin, sodium nitrate, Ace Sulfame K, BHA, BHT etc. They are known to cause cancer.

The controversy on additives does not have to worry if you pay some attention. This is not something nobody's American does. It is a good way to learn about new ways and minimal processed food incentives and resorts. By tracking additives, exposure to certain additives can be minimized

It makes sense to take a bit of caution when purchasing vegetables and fruits. It is better to buy fresh items in the season. Look for scratches, scratches and vegetable skin cuts. These scratches and scratches preserve microorganisms that damage food very quickly. Please purchase when you want to replace refrigerator. Most fruits and vegetables have a storage period of 4 to 5 days.

Where did you come from this food poisoning right now? Or is there a person's body intentionally …? oh dear. Vegetables and fruits have high health protection value. Still contaminated unintentionally due to handling during shipping and transportation in farms and markets. Bacteria and viruses are derived from the environment and soil. And there are pesticide residues. You never know when your health is not upset because of either of these. Please treat this problem carefully. There is no need to use a special cleaning agent to wash your food. For vegetables and fruits, soak in 10% soap solution before washing with cold water. Washing with running water can effectively remove bacteria up to 90%. Therefore, washing twice will remove the greatest pollutants and bacteria. You can also use a mild scrub / brush with a clean soap solution. Please be careful not to hurt your food skin. Some experts recommend potassium permanganate to make the solution soap. However, it leaves its unique smell.

Prepare the food Do not forget to make every surface hygienic. Warm soap water and bleaching water (tea spoon bleach powder in 1 liter of water) kill the most known kitchen bacteria. Please wash the grill twice before and after using the grill. Please dry before use. Do not forget to wash your hands before handling clean food right now, and after toilet, sneezing, or coughing, clean the table every time. Dry hands rather than cloth using paper disposable towels. This eliminates opportunities for recontamination and ensures maximum safety.

Finally, the chopboard you use will decide how healthy you eat. If you are using PVC, acrylic board, they have a smooth, non porous surface when new. They have no scratches or breaks. When you use them, scars will appear on the surface, microorganisms will begin to grow with vegetable particles held. Scratches are smaller than most brushes, so we can not wash away this. Health experts recommend maple wood chopboard. Maplewood is less porous than most woods, is very hard and has antibacterial properties. Add bleach and wash with hot water and let it dry. It is a good idea to pour oil to twice a month (odorless vegetable oil or mineral oil).

The secret is not destined to leave anything, I realize that there is a possibility that threatening your health to your eyes. Vigilance fits your body, is slim, just keeps you healthier than anything else. I'd like you to have a happy dinner.

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