Obesity problem of teenagers


Recently, obesity of young people is getting worse more and the proportion is increasing every year. America is the leader of obesity of teenagers. In the report, 33% of teenagers are now shown to be obese. Overweight, in fact it is obese, nearly a quarter of which is considered to be at risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and early death. The worse is that according to a research study targeting teenage obesity, it was found that the probability that a young person in their teenage to 13s will become an obese adult is 80%.

What is the cause of obesity?

Obesity in teenagers may occur when there is over 10% more weight than the recommended weight for that particular height. Obesity of children and teenagers, the total energy intake is the energy used by children and teenagers during exercise and activities. There are several factors to consider when looking at the problem.

Family history

With a family history of obesity, teenagers are also likely to become obese … parents are preparing meals, unbalanced meals and parents are working, eating There is no time to prepare for this This may cause a teenager's diet to go bad when they leave to their device.


As time has passed, the way and frequency of preparing food has changed, and that is quite different from the way our fathers do. Our ancestors at the time were cooked from the beginning, but now fast food restaurants and quick meal meals can be used anywhere. Several studies show that teenagers eat average 4 meals of fast food a week. This leads to a list of bad reasons for unhealthy eating habits and food choices.


Teenagers receive great companionship pressure at school and daily life. There may be stressful events in teenage life such as death, divorce, abuse. Many teenagers react to stress by overeating. Besides, it may result not only to other people but also to defeat your own pride. It turned out that the majority of overweight teens are considered clinically depressed. Depression often causes overeating, but being usually obese may also cause depression. Depression may have low self-esteem and problems may remain untreated, leading to suicide in teens.

Medical and psychology

Medical problems are only about 1% of teenager's obesity, but there are medical problems that you must take drugs like steroids. In particular, overweight adolescents are not necessarily affected physically by psychology, but are subject not only to ridicule or abuse but also to other poorly treated teens at other schools and communities Sometimes there is.

Lack of exercise

Today 's lifestyle differs greatly from what it was ten years ago. Modern techniques and fast foods rarely improve health. Today one day, teenagers are immersed in spending day and night in front of computers, game boxes and game consoles. Some teenagers can sit and watch TV and the text messages their good friends. Many teenagers now own a car, so less opportunity to walk.

Search for relief

Obesity of teens is literally far from life for many years. They are setting the stage for problems of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiration and hypertension. In order for teens to avoid dramatic changes in weight, the treatment of obesity by teens should focus on long-term changes in diet, regular exercise, and family support. It is imperative that parents deal with this problem before the problem gets worse.

Balanced diet

In order to control obesity of teenagers, teenagers need to take balanced healthy dies. It is impossible to put children in a meal. Because they are still growing and need a lot of nutrients to develop strong bones, health care workers do not recommend. Diet also leads to failure as there are not many people who can eat for life. When preparing meals at home, please be sure to choose foods with a lot of nutrients. Keep away from processed food and fried food. Do not try to remove the foods that children love. You can eat those foods less frequently. Denying children 's favorite fast foods only ends in failure. Let's get involved in preparing meals for teenagers. Instructs you to make the right choice, balanced diet without sacrificing taste.

Regular Exercise

Child obesity is often the result of too little exercise. Regular exercise is considered as important as good nutrition. If a child is encouraged to exercise regularly when young, they have much more opportunities to take in adulthood. Please participate in some kind of physical activity such as gardening, house cleaning, car washing. Please participate in outdoor sports such as swimming, basketball, local nature hiking.

Family support

It is important not to forget to show your support. Teenage obesity is a serious problem and parents and families need to tackle this problem with consistent love and support. Emphasize the need for a healthy lifestyle and remember fee and praise when teens achieve targets. Keeping your child healthy will give you the best opportunity to live healthy and live.

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