Obesity in childhood: an epidemic that was overlooked


Community health is a very important topic that is overlooked between citizens and politicians. We have trusted government officials to find treatment methods and solutions for health problems, but we have overlooked the causes of these problems. If you want to change the health of the community, you must concentrate more on primary prevention than tertiary prevention technology, looking at the core of the problem. Since most of the health problems of our community are preventable diseases, we need to eradicate the cause in order to prevent it.

Childhood obesity is constantly rising and I am not doing anything about it. Of course, many attempts have been made to lower the obesity rate of children, but these attempts focus on secondary and tertiary prevention. We are concentrating too much on reversing the effects of obesity, and initially we do not have enough time to prevent obesity. If you inform our community about the health risks involved when they are obese you can teach how they can prevent it. We must target our parents, not our children. Parents are the source of food for children and, as a young age, they must properly eat and maintain vitality so that these preventable diseases are not born later. Physical education at school is more active, not an option.

Children can not make decisions in their lives surrounding their own health and should protect our children as adults. The community is at its best health. A poor community is exactly the same as a healthy lifestyle being a middle class, but if you do not understand that way, it will cause a lack of health in their financial position. Regional leaders must provide options that parents should look for in order to keep their children healthy. Even community health groups, activities, or parks will be useful. If we can let our children leave home and put them in the garden, we are progressing. Reducing childhood obesity can prevent the possibility of stroke, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease. All of these major problems are related to obesity and something must be done to lower rates. Obesity rose from 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012. It is not a good ladder to climb with our generation. About one-third Americans, including adults, are obese and this is even more overwhelming. The problem lies in not thinking that they are obese, or thinking that obesity is just a word that better matches people who do not fit very well. I must explain to people why health risks related to obesity are classified as obesity. Most people listen to obesity and think of it as insult. We are afraid to tell others that it is obese. Because it hurts, parents despise that children are obese. The truth of the problem is that obesity is here and rising. There is no way to cover the facts. We continue to act as if it is not an important issue, and the price will continue to rise as the number of years increases. Children should not have high blood pressure or other diseases related to overweight. This problem will not change until you start prioritizing. I believe that this is the most important issue for the health of our community. Because people are afraid of the consequences of bringing children's obesity around their parents. It is also important to point out that you do not need to be rich even if you are not rich, in order to eat healthy food and become active. Parents should engage more actively in their child's life and act more actively on a daily basis. Limit TV time and increase time spent outside. When eating on your child, the manufacturer makes a better food choice. Teach parents the importance of nutrition and physical fitness and tell me why that is a problem.

These are the ways we help to create better results in the community. We need to focus now, not now. When the influenza season approaches, influenza develops several weeks before the virus is actually occupied. We are vaccinating to prevent influenza. If you are infected with influenza virus, you will not be infected with influenza. Just as this is the truth, it is due to obesity. We need to take necessary measures to prevent disease from affecting our children.

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