Nuances of Hunting a Man Eating Tiger


Hunting a tiger is banned in India. The tiger is a protected species. A criminal action will occur if you actually kill a protected species. Bollywood film star Saruman Khan committed a black catastrophe in Rajasthan, India in 1998. He was judged under the protection of wildlife practice (India) in 1972 and was sentenced to five years imprisonment by the lower court. This case is currently under appeal. But once a tiger becomes a human prey, he can hunt.

People who eat tigers fear the village, attack human beings, and prosper as prey. In general, it is known that human owners attack the villagers walking and sleeping. There are cases of human food that removes the door of the hut and carries the victim secretly. There are also cases of tigers carrying small children even from the mother 's arms. The human table is a very intelligent beast. He develops a sixth sensation to inform him that an armed man is approaching. In such a situation, the eating teacher often tips over to the forest and hides in the cave. Both veteran hunters of Kenneth Anderson and Jim Corbett guarantee the cunning of the human table.

When a tiger is declared a human canteen, a local judge notifies all concerned. You can choose to enter for the murder. But shooting people is not easy. If you have never tried or participated in harvesting a tiger, you should go with an experienced hunter. It is very dangerous to go alone. After making this decision, it is important to equip yourself as the first step. Even more important is that you have to prepare it mentally to face the beast. First of all, your clothes. Please wear a pair of powerful jungle boots and somewhat loose fit pants and full sleeve shirt. Cover your head or cover the jungle hat. Please apply sunscreen cream on your face and neck. Also paint mosquito repellent cream and uncovered parts in your hands. Let's prepare an appropriate amount of drinking water and several dry biscuits.

Next, picking weapons is the most important. I do not shot guns or small arms, and you need to use heavy caliber rifles. If you are licensed for SLR, we recommend using SLR. Carry the loaded gun and leave extra ammo at hand. In addition, we need an a4wheel driven car and an experienced driver. There is a local man who knows the route of the jungle well. Equally important is to hire a tracker that can follow the tiger's nest. Remember that tracking a tiger in the Indian jungle is impossible without a tracker. Hire trustworthy people who are familiar with the area. You will have to put money out for all of these employment.

The next step is to study the habitat of the tiger. For example, a tiger in the Thunder banned forest moves in a deep watershed in Bengal and Bangladesh, a tiger on the Kumaon hill in the north moves in the mountainous region. Again the tiger in central India moves through a thick jungle and a small hill.

The last step is to find a tiger. This could be close to the person he last ate. You need to pick up his spovers from there. The guide you hire will aid in exemption, so you need to track the tiger from his pug mark. When you are ready, pay attention mentally and physically and think about further actions from the point of view of the tiger. Hunting a human prey is quite different from hunting a normal tiger. In the case of regular tigers, it is customary to bind baits (goats and lambs) to trees. The hunter climbs the tree, sits on the machine where the gun is loaded (platform) and waits for the tiger. In the case of human eating, this strategy does not work, you need to track tigers. This is dangerous and such operations require a lot of experience and nerves.

Track tigers as soon as possible. Please move quickly according to his spoper. The tiger probably perceives your approach and attempts to escape so that an armed man can feel what it is approaching. If you move quickly, you have a good chance of being able to face the tiger. If a tiger is witnessed, he is about to escape. If you are lucky you may get him. Otherwise he will turn and turn you, in case he is hurt. It is the moment of testing as you and the tiger face. In Bengal's one of my tiger's buds, I shot at the moving tiger and hit him on the foot. He looked back and hit me. Because the beast was hurt, the leap of the tiger was not effective, and he was late as he was able to shoot two shots quickly and continuously.

The second option is that the tiger may be hidden in the cave. You need to enter the cave. Nerve is necessary because the cave is dark. Here we use a powerful torch handled by the tracker. Tiger feels your approach, so please move slowly. This will be an opportunity to meet people. In such a scenario, he hurries up in the head of the hunter and bounces back toward his neck. In such a scenario, there is only one opportunity. Your goal should be deadly. Please aim at the head of the tiger and shoot quickly. Speed ​​is essential. If you missed it, you can say good-bye to this world. This is excellent for the movie "Harry Black and Tiger" when Stuart Granger approaches a cave tiger and shoots a beast.

Killing a tiger is contrary to all norms of justice and fair fighting, but if a tiger turns into a human prey, there may be no choice

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