Nine Keys to Losing Weight and Eating Healthy While Creating a Healthy Lifestyle


A few years ago, I went to the doctor for regular examination. He made bad news to me. He said my triglyceride was very high, cholesterol was also very high, I said that I need to lose about 20 pounds with overweight. My numbers were so bad that they refused and accepted me when I tried to join health insurance for me and my family. I was 6 feet 1 inch and weighed about 195 pounds. Handwriting was on the wall, the message was not good. I knew that I needed to make some big changes.

I have been researching nutrition and health for many years, but slowly I got into an unhealthy lifestyle and food choices were getting too frequent. One of my weaknesses was eating too much fast food, including fried orange chicken, just fried in oil and loaded with unhealthy toxins such as MSG, fat, salt and so on. After the doctor's appointment, I got a book of my health and nutrition and made plans to change my health condition. I regained my health and compiled the nine-step plan to follow to lose more than 20 pounds of fat. Here, if you are anxious that you truly want to make some big changes to your diet and your lifestyle, reduce these weights and help you regain your health These simple steps of simple steps It is a summary.

Step 1 – Eat natural, organic and nutritious foods such as fresh vegetables and vegetables, fresh fruits and fruits, plenty of cereals, beans, beans, nuts, seeds, etc. 19659002] Eat about 75% of raw food. Please make sure that there are plenty of fibers in your diet from vegetables and whole grains. And learning to eat less by taking smaller parts. Divide your meal in one third, so that carbohydrates from starch such as pasta, bread and potato do not occupy more than a third of meals. There is a green salad for lunch and dinner. Eating smaller meals than eating a large meal more than three times. In fact, please do not eat unless you are hungry at mealtimes.

Step 2 – refined, fattened, processed, toxic, filled with sugar, fat, salt, toxic additives and refined wheat flour, including sugar, in advance MSG, high fructose corn sweetener, aspartame, date palm, slender, equivalent sodium chloride salt, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil (trans fat), cottonseed oil, cotton seed oil, Avoid palm oil, soda, diet soda, margarine products, pork and pork products, shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab, oyster, scallops etc.), aquaculture fish, deli luncheon meat

Step 3 – Drink plenty of natural spring water every day

The best guide is to drink half of the body weight in an ounce of every day, in other words if the weight is 160 pounds You should drink 80 ounces of water daily Do not drink tap water containing chlorine, fluoride or other chemical pollutants just drink natural spring water or Artesia's well water moderately homemade You can drink freshly squeezed fruits and vegetable juice.Herbal tea is another choice.Not drink soda, diet soda, canned or bottled fruit juice.

Step 4 – artificial Do not take synthetic artificial vitamins or minerals. Instead of taking all vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, etc.

"The Feast" (Made by Uri International), we strongly recommend taking raw whole food dietary supplement. Click on the link to my nutrition blog and you can get details on this in my resource box. Because herbs are medicinal, I do not intend to take it every day. Please take herbs for specific conditions and short term. I encourage you to take GTF Chromium doing a wonderful job that will help you balance your blood sugar value. In your system work with insulin.

Step 5 – Daily exercise

Let's make intense aerobic and anaerobic exercise everyday. Please quickly "power" walk in the sun for 30 to 60 minutes every day. Combine jogging and walking. Please increase your weight and raise your strength the other day. Please practice deep breath practice to increase lungs and body oxygen. Please use rebounder (mini trampoline) for 5 to 10 minutes a day. Finally, enjoy your joy with sexual sex (entertainment) with your spouse every day.

Step 6 – Give your body the Sabbath day the Creator designed for your rejuvenation.

We will give you a chance to heal all your work and your normal daily work all day long and heal your body. From Friday's sunset to Sunday's Sunday, I have a day to concentrate on God and spiritual things, spend quality time with my family and friends, worship God with others and relax Reading, taking a nap,

Step 7 – detoxifying your body and its environment

Dr. Take a book by Don Colbert's "Toxic Relief" and learn what you need to detoxify your system.

Step 8 —

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